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December 10, 2013 at 08:25 PM UTC

I agree! A Hunger Games theme park would be at best odd and in my opinion dysfunctional. Now that Disney owns Star Wars I am hoping if nothing else, they make a Star Wars land at the parks, or even better it’s own theme park, but I highly doubt that. Although, I’m sure they would get a ton of profit from it. As for Lord of the Rings, that would be quite the feat, but still awesome nonetheless. Either one would be far better than the Hunger Games, even though the books are very good, a theme park would not be.


December 11, 2013 at 10:41 PM UTC

I’m sure Disney will eventually build something to do with Star Wars. I’m surprised they haven’t gotten started on it, although they’re probably waiting to see how well the new films sell.
I am glad to hear you agree with me about a Hunger Games theme park. I haven’t met anyone above the age of 18 who thinks it would be a good idea. Hopefully Lionsgate will realize that.

Hunger Games Theme Park

Several reputable news sources have published articles saying that Lionsgate is considering the possibility of building a Hunger Games theme park. I’m not surprised they’re considering such a thing, Hunger Games (the movie) made over $690 million. However, I reaaallllyyyy hope they don’t go forward with it.

It’s not because I don’t think books can make awesome theme parks. I cannot recommend the Harry Potter world in Universal Studios enough. They nailed everything from the sets (Honeyduke’s was incredible!) to the food (I AM going back for more butterbeer!) to the rides themselves. I love the Harry Potter part of the park.

But I don’t think Hunger Games is the right book to make a theme park out of. In fact, if they do move ahead with their plans it makes me think that Lionsgate MISSED the whole point of the series. For starters Hunger Games is much more sobering than Harry Potter. It’s a fantastic series  because its complexities and the way it studies social and economic discrepancies. Harry Potter is Good vs Evil. Hunger Games (the first book) is pretty much a gladiator game.  The theme park would HAVE to acknowledge the killing or it’s going to be nothing like the books. And if they acknowledge the deaths it’s going to be in a way that trivializes them unless they make the park a blood bath.

Let’s ignore the actual story and think about what Lionsgate would bring to life. The cornerstone Universal Studios used for the Harry Potter park was Butterbeer. Lionsgate would probably select the lamb stew Katniss loved.  It would be the natural selection. But remember, Katniss ate the lamb stew while she was shocked and amazed at the quantity of food and everyone from the capital was puking so they could eat more.  WHY would we want to trivialize that and make it into  theme park cuisine?

Hopefully Lionsgate will not go forward with these plans. In the meantime, I aim to sit in a corner and cry because no  one is planning to make a Star Wars theme park–or better yet–a Lord of the Rings theme park. Thanks for reading, Champions, I will see you next Monday.

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