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Laura Hoffman

February 14, 2023 at 10:22 PM UTC

I listened to Hall of Blood and Mercy books, loved them. Will you be adding to the series, with these characters?

book dragon

February 15, 2023 at 05:39 AM UTC

Court of midnight and Deception has some cameos of the main charicters, and Kitty has said previously that they will show up a lot in Jade’s series.

Magiford Sale: Hall of Blood and Mercy Boxset

Hey Champions!

I’m still hard at work on King’s Queen–book three of Gates of Myth and Power–but I do have some fun Magiford themed posts planned for the future, starting with, another huge Magiford sale!

Right now, the Hall of Blood and Mercy boxset–that’s the complete trilogy–is on sale from it’s usual price of $9.99, to 99 cents!

hall of blood and mercy boxset

Get the Complete series Boxset:  |  All other Amazon Stores

If you haven’t read this series yet (or if you read it through Kindle Unlimited) now the time to grab the whole trilogy at a huge discount. This series is also perfect for binging in a long weekend, making it a great winter time read!

Here’s the description from the first book if you want to know more about what this series is like:

I’m one scrappy wizard.

As someone with barely a flicker of magic, I’ve spent my life being mocked and surviving fights with bullies. But when my parents die in an accident, and I find myself responsible for our whole wizard house and family, I know my usual tactics aren’t going to cut it.

The situation veers from bad to catastrophic when my backstabbing cousin stages a coup and takes my family hostage.

I barely manage to flee, but the only supernatural willing to help me is Killian Drake–the most feared vampire in the region, and a far more deadly villain than the jerk threatening me.

Is Killian sexy and charismatic? Heck yeah.

He’s also so powerful that my flight or fight instincts kick in every time our eyes meet.

But he is also the first person to believe I might have more than just a scrap of magic. And if I can convince him to train me, I might get strong enough to free my family and get my house back.

I’m not sure what happens when a scrappy wizard is taught how to fight by a hall of deadly vampires, but I’m about to find out.

Tell any friends/family who you think might like Hazel’s story! (Or tell anyone you’ve been trying to induct convince to give Magiford a try.) In the meantime, thanks for reading, Champions, and have a lovely weekend!

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