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SheaCon 2023: Ask your questions!

SheaCon is a little over a month away which means it’s time for me to share an update from Chief SheaCon Planner, Cindy!

I’m very excited to announce the SheaCon panelist authors! We have four very special ladies coming, so please read below for a summary of their works. You also can submit questions beforehand for their Q&A sessions at this link:

Hanna Sandvig is the author of the Faerie Tale Romances, a series of standalone romances based on fairy tales set in the same world(s) with connecting characters, much like Timeless Fairy Tales. The main protagonists are all from our modern world that end up interacting with the fae realm via special gates. The Rose Gate and The Glass Gate are full length novels, while The Wolf Gate and The Lily Gate are novellas. The Frost Gate will come out in January 2024.

Elisa Rae is the author of the Elves of Eldarlan and Courts in Conflict series . The Elves of Eldarlan is a set of standalone romances novellas set in a fantasy world full of elves, woodwose, gargoyles, and brownies among others. There are connecting characters, much like Elves of Lessa, and these poor male elves seem to be stuck in various interesting situations with human women. The Elven Spymaster’s Thief is the first book, and the final one, The Shadow Elf’s Mission, comes out in October. Her newest novella, The Unseelie’s Wallflower, starts a new series set in a fae court and includes fated mates.

Celeste Baxendell is the author of the Bewitching Fairy Tales, a series of standalone romances. Each novel is set in the same world and based on two mashed up fairy tales. The series starts with Stalks of Gold, and was completed with Thorns of Gold, which came out earlier this year. Celeste has a new fantasy romance series releasing in August, starting with The Prince’s Captive, and is also contributing the stand-alone novel The Wicked Prince to an author collaboration with stories from the prince’s perspective, in this case, Prince John from Robin Hood.

Charlotte Vane is the author of the Apex: Moonbound series. This paranormal romance series features werewolves, fated mates, and found family. Set in the same community, there’s a different lead couple for each novel. There are currently three books out: To Protect a Wolf, To Heal a Wolf, and To Choose a Wolf, with the next one to be called To Trust a Wolf.

ALSO, it’s that time of year again: the SheaCon planners are collecting your questions for Kitty!

SheaCon will include several Q&A panels where Kitty will answer some of the presubmitted questions collected in this poll. Unfortunately due to time constraints and *spoilers*, we cannot guarantee answers to all questions. Submit questions for Kitty:

Deadline for questions submissions is July 6th.  And quick reminder that you don’t have to attend SheaCon on Discord to ask a question!

Quick Note from Kitty: All of the authors speaking on the SheaCon panels are considered clean. The books may have some violence (similar to my books) but the romance and language is clean. The SheaCon planners spend a lot of time reading the the books published by the invited authors so this is something they take very seriously!

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