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Today’s Lesson: Snow Queen is a Fairy Tale

Hi Champions! This post is your reminder that the 2018 Reader Survey will only be live for a few more days. If you haven’t filled it out I’d love to hear from you as the answers will help me plan what books to write in the future! This is also your last chance to get the sneak peek of Snow White before it is released in December (you’ll get redirected to the sample when you finish the survey).

Now we have to talk about something that quite frankly I find a little scandalous. If you’ve already taken the reader survey you know that one of the questions asks which of my book series you’ve read. There is also a question asking what genres you like to read.

The clear winner so far for the “genres you like to read” question is “fairy tales” which as a fellow fairy tale lover is not a surprise to me. 😉  What IS a surprise is the answers for which of my books series you’ve read. I’m including a screenshot below so you can see the responses so far.

2018 Survey Series List

I actually swooned a bit like those delicate Victorian ladies you read about when I saw that The Snow Queen series really far behind the Timeless Fairy Tale series. I feel a bit strange asking this, but is it obvious Snow Queen is a fairy tale? Have I not made it clear that it’s connected to the Timeless Fairy Tales series and they should be read together? If you’ve haven’t read Snow Queen but have read the Timeless Fairy Tales series can you leave a comment below telling me why? (I’m totally flummoxed by this, and it’s pretty important given how closely intertwined Snow Queen is with the Timeless Fairy Tales. I’m starting to sweat a bit about Angelique’s books, ahahaha.)

On the happier end, I’m shocked that Robyn Hood is ranking so high. I’m saying this with all the love of a mother, but it is not well edited and frankly you can tell it was one of the first books I launched, so its popularity is a bit puzzling. (It’s beating out The MBRC and Second Age of Retha series which are much more polished.) If you have chosen to read Robyn Hood but decided to skip stuff like the MBRC and Retha, could please let me know why in the comments below? (I’m trying to figure out if this is purely a genre based decision, or something else, as this will affect what book projects I take on in the future.)

And finally, I have a somewhat sad message for everyone who keeps asking when will I write a sequel to Life Reader. I’m so happy you all love that book and it has a special place in my heart too since it has so much of the magic and humor I love packed into it. But if you look at the graph…It’s in last place right now. 🙁

This is a good example of how the results of the reader survey really do impact what I do in the future. I can’t justify devoting time to writing a sequel for the least popular series right now, particularly when I have some big projects coming on deck. BUT! Don’t panic, I still am planning to write a sequel to Life Reader. It’s just going to be quite a long time (as in, several years) before I can get to it.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who filled out the survey and is helping me fill in the gaps of my understanding! 😉 I hope you guys have liked the free sample. I’ve been thrilled by the feedback I’ve gotten as I’m taking a slightly…different approach to Snow White than the usual retellings.

I am happy to share that Snow White (the first draft anyway) is tapping out at roughly 92,000 words, which is about 10,000 words longer than 12 Dancing Princesses and Sacrifice, so I’m hoping you guys will enjoy the extra pages. (Lol, and I cannot WAIT for you to meet all the characters. This book has some of my favorite character interactions ever!)

But I digress. Thanks for reading–and commenting, and taking the survey–and have a lovely week!

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