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Apprentice of Magic

Apprentice of Magic

The Fairy Tale Enchantress
Book One

Her time in the magical academy has been a long chain of criticisms, reprimands, and punishments. Her war-like ability to control any weapon has earned her nothing but the fear and scorn of fellow students and instructors. And now, she finds herself before the highest council just one vote away from having her magic sealed forever.

Until Enchanter Evariste appears.

The mysterious prodigy is one of the few with the authority to go against the Council. Which is exactly what he does when he takes Angelique as his apprentice. Though his lessons are challenging and eccentric he shows her more kindness than she ever hoped to receive. Everything seems perfect.

But things are changing in the world. Dark things. Evil things. Once upon a time is about to become very real…

Angelique hates her magic.

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