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  • If you love urban fantasy or prefer something set in the "modern world" try one of these:

  • If you love King Arthur myths and legends, but don't like the love triangle in the traditional stories, try my retelling:

  • Here is my most recent audiobook release:

  • If you consdier yourself an Epic fantasy reader, try this:

  • If romantasy (AKA Romance + Epic Fantasy) is your thing, try this:

  • I mean, who doesn't love free stuff, right!? If you want to try my writing style, try this free fairly tale novella or signup for my newsletter to get my short story starter pack.

Quick Suggestions

Recommended Reading Order

For most of my series the individual books are meant to be read in the order they appear in the series, but there are exceptions where you can break the rules!


Additionally, there are some series that are spin offs or prequels to other series so it might make sense to read some stories before others.

You're in luck—I have compiled a list of my recommendations complete with notes so you can decide for yourself how to read them!

Download the PDF (Coming Soon)

Still can't choose?
Let fate decide:

Reader Community

My readers (I call them “Champions”) are the best source of book recommendations or information about getting started that you can find anywhere! You can find them in many places: Facebook, Discord, and more! I highly recommend you join a group and join the conversation.

Note: We do have a code of conduct for these places. Summarized, it’s “be kind and keep it rated PG for the kiddos.”

Hey Champions! Welcome to the new website! Please be patient as my web designer finishes connecting everything.

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