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Fan Discussion

I sincerely believe I have the most valiant group of readers, and I’m so endlessly proud of our community and the kindness and laughter we share. But, as with anything good, we need guidelines to protect our space.

If you’d like to discuss your fan theories or your favorite scenes with other Champions I have a couple of places you can do that!

Be Kind.

(This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about religion or politics, but you must keep things civil and kind. We don’t want fighting ripping us apart.)

We want our server to be a safe and happy place for everyone, so we can support one another on our happy and sad days.

Keep it PG.

(You won’t get banned if you slip up, but an admin or moderator will message you to remind you of this rule.)

The ages of our community members vary a lot, so to keep things clean for our younger members we’re stamping our server with a PG rating. Some language is okay, but try to keep it clean—no f-bombs, please and thank you!

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Where to connect with other champions:

If Facebook is your place to hang: join the group of champions!

It's a great place to give/get reading recommendations.

PLUS our community leader(s) organize games and discussions every month!

Trolling is not tolerated.

Purposely bullying a Champions is an instant ban. We have zero tolerance for this kind of conduct in our community.

If you aren’t familiar with Discord it is a general text chat platform and we have an active Champion community!

There are sections specifically devoted to chatting about individual book series, and more general chatty topics like recent movies.

If you interested in playing the Lord of the Rings Online with me and other Champions we meet on the Landroval server and have a Heroes of Retha group (LOTRO calls them a “kin”) you can join!

If you are interested please join Discord and drop a post on the LOTRO specific text channel on Discord so the group can help you build a character and post the meet up schedule.

The Kinship meets up on Fridays at 8 PM central, but lots of players are on during other nights as well!


Hey Champions! Welcome to the new website! Please be patient as my web designer finishes connecting everything.

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