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Free Short Stories

A Vampire's Visit
Family Bonding
The Annoyed Eminence
A Gallant Celebration
A Mage Welcome
A Magical Meeting
A Meeting of Merchants
A Mother's Responsibility
A Picky Pegasus
A Summon for the Seas
An Alliance
Begrudging Silence
Between a Prince and His Lady
Between a Queen and her Colonel
Defense Lessons
Dressing Up
Extra Chapter
In Search of a Hero
Mullberg Royal Cabinet
Prequel: Of Noble Heart
The Assignment
The Best Friends Part 1
The Best Friends Part 2
The Gardener and the Lady's Maid
The Imperial Prince is a Beast
The King and Queen of Loire
The Resistance Fighters
The Starting Point
The Third Knight
Unlikely Heroes
A Constellation's Dilemma
A Magical Meeting
Dealing with Bureaucracy
The Duke's Clothes
The Love Potion
A Clocktower Meeting
A Family Tea Party
A Hunter Family
A Jaded Vampire
A Lawful Wolf
A New Year's Celebration
Bowling Alley Romance
Enemies, Friends, or Terror
Fireworks for Wizards
How to Adopt a Wizard
How to Train with Vampires
Parents' Night
Regional Committee of Magic re: Photo Op
Sincerely, House Medeis
Surviving Magiford
The Elven Ambassador
The Robber Maiden
Trial of the First Knight
Because Someone Will Come Back
Disgust to Respect
First Officer
In the Shadow of Giants
Return to Luminos
Solus Miles_Royal Knight
A Twisted Tale
Queen Ruby and Princess Snow
The Fairy Godmother Love Story
The Princess Who Chased Sheep
The Unicorn Procession
A Matter of Economics
Before the Bond
Notes on Elves
Royal Magic Character Interview
Welcome Home
Calling of a King
Continued Observations of Sir Kay
Date Night
Father's Day Special
The New High King
Extra Chapter
Taking Care of Business
Trick or Treat
2018 Hero Poll Interview
2019 Hero Poll Interview
2019 Heroine Poll Interview
2020 Favorite Couple Interview
2021 Character Interview
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