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Calendar mockup showing SheaCon 2024 Image of knight ith a book on its shield and a white cat wearing a crown, with the dates July 19, 20, and 21 marked with a crown to mark dates for SheaCon 2024.

SheaCon is returning!




SheaCon is a weekend of K.M. Shea themed fun held on a private discord server different from Kitty’s main server. There will be panels with Kitty and other authors as well as games and activities all weekend long. SheaCon 2024 will be on July 19th-21st US Central time. The link to the special Discord server where SheaCon is held will be posted the first day of the event on Kitty’s Discord server and on her Facebook group.

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  • How many books will there be?
    The Second Age of Retha series will have 5 books.
  • When is the next book coming out?
    There are two more books planned in the Second Age of Retha series. However, there are no estimated timeframes for completion, as I am currently on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Can I get a free book?
    Yes! Sign up for my newsletter and you will gain access to the short story: Solus Miles: Royal Knight. Be sure to check out other short stories here.
  • Do you have any reading recs?
    My team and I created a Goodreads list for books that are within the litRPG or GameLit genre (books set in MMORPG, virtual reality or video game like environment) that are also considered "clean". For the purposes of this list "clean" means NO excessive language, NO sex portrayed on the page, and respectful views of women (so no harems).

A reminder that SheaCon 2024 is going to be on July 19th-21st!!

The panel schedule will be (in central daylight time):


  • Opening Ceremony at 6 pm

  • Melanie Cellier and Deborah Grace White at 9 pm


  • Kitty General Q&A at 11 am

  • Shari L Tapscott and Brittany Fichter at  2 pm

  • Kitty’s Inspirations at 6 pm

  • Celebrity Retha and Dragons at 8 pm


  • Kitty Writing Q&A panel at 12 pm

  • Dr Kimberly Healthy Relationship Analysis at 3 pm

  • Vin Hot Seat at 7 pm

We are happy to announce that our author panelists for SheaCon 2024 will be Melanie Cellier, Deborah Grace White, Shari L Tapscott, and Brittany Fichter!

Melanie Cellier is a prolific romance author: most famous for her mostly stand-alone fairy tale retellings in the multiple Four Kingdoms series, as well as her multiple adventurous fantasy series. Her most recent Four Kingdoms series were retellings of Aladdin, Ali Baba, Puss in Boots, and Rapunzel. She is releasing the first of a duology at the end of May: To Ride the Wind: A Retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and is planning to release the sequel in July. Melanie also recently finished the adventure fantasy A Mage's Apprentice series which is set in the same world as A Mage’s Influence but a different world from her Spoken Mage and Hidden Mage series.

A Mage’s Apprentice series is about healing magic and does include some heavier themes than her other series. 

Deborah Grace White has most recently written two stand-alones for multi-author series: The Unlucky Prince: A Frog Prince Retelling as well as the stand-alone fantasy monster inspired romance: Island of Secrets and Sacrifice. She has also written several stand-alone fairy tales series, including The Singer Tales series. Some of the fairy tales included are Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, and Red Riding Hood. She also has a couple continuous fantasy adventure series including The Vazula Chronicles: a four book series packed with magic, conspiracy, and intrigue in a place where the worlds of mermaids, humans and dragons collide. Her newest adventure trilogy Heartsong will begin on July 19th with the release of A Splintered Land and feature a magical singer and a mysterious farmer with family secrets.

The Vazula Chronicles are a bit heavier than her other series and deal with violent discrimination.

Brittany Fichter has written romance in a variety of settings including adventure fantasy, fairy tale retellings, and even modern day. The Legacy of the Time Stones is an epic adventure about a Seer trying to rescue her dying world. The Rose of Destiny trilogy is a high stakes adventure full of fae and will be completed in August this year. The Classical Kingdoms Collection covers a variety of fairy tale retellings that are general stand alone but also include a trilogy and a duology. The most recent additions to the series are The Sentinel’s Song, a retelling of St. George and the Dragon, and The Seven Years Princess, a Maid Maleen retelling. She also focuses on lesser known tales in The Nevertold Fairy Tales Novellas.

Please be aware that several of her books include several themes that may not be for all Champions, including violence, kidnapping, threat of rape, and major character death.

Shari L Tapscott is a very adventurous fantasy author. Silver and Orchids: Greybrow Brothers is the recently completed swashbuckling sequel series to Silver and Orchids. Crown & Crest is co-written with her husband and is an enemies-to-lovers fantasy continuous story. The Vampire and the Heiress is the first of her Chronicles of GHOST series and was also co-written with her husband. Each book in the series focuses on a different monster-hunting couple dealing with supernatural shenanigans. Her fantasy romance series The Royal Fae of Rose Briar Woods has a cruel Fae court with a different couple in each book. She has also written the Obsidian Queen series, a contemporary fantasy romance full of magic and humor. Originally it was under a different pen name because it is intended for a more mature audience than her other series.

Please be aware that many of her books include a focus on physical attraction and include heavy kissing, and her The Royal Fae series has slavery and magical compulsion.



Stay tuned for further updates including panel times and activity descriptions!

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