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The Order of Blood and Ruin

The Order of Blood and Ruin

Magic on Main Street
Book Three

I never imagined Considine Maledictus—one of the most powerful vampires alive—would go from ruling the streets at night to joining the supernatural task force just to become my partner, but here we are.

Considine claims he “fancies” me. He also used to hide his identity and pose as my charming next-door neighbor, so forgive me if I don’t believe him.

As bad as that is, my work life is worse.

My slayer identity—kept a secret since a lone slayer is an easy target—has been leaked by a suspect from a previous case. This brings a new level of danger to my job, especially since the suspect is obviously holding a grudge against me.

But I’m more worried about my city. Bad things are going down, and whatever is stirring in the shadows is more than I can handle alone. Can I trust Considine to watch my back when he used to be the biggest threat to my life?

And why is it that despite everything that has happened, a part of me wonders if it’s possible for a slayer and vampire to be together…

They used to be enemies. Now they’re partners.

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