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  • How many books will there be?
    The Second Age of Retha series will have 5 books.
  • When is the next book coming out?
    There are two more books planned in the Second Age of Retha series. However, there are no estimated timeframes for completion, as I am currently on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Can I get a free book?
    Yes! Sign up for my newsletter and you will gain access to the short story: Solus Miles: Royal Knight. Be sure to check out other short stories here.
  • Do you have any reading recs?
    My team and I created a Goodreads list for books that are within the litRPG or GameLit genre (books set in MMORPG, virtual reality or video game like environment) that are also considered "clean". For the purposes of this list "clean" means NO excessive language, NO sex portrayed on the page, and respectful views of women (so no harems).
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