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Fairy Tale World

Where fables become reality. . .

The continent is under attack. A prince is cursed to take on the body of a beast, a selkie's pelt is stolen from her, an ogre rules in Carabas, a princess is cursed to sleep, and the elves have shut themselves off.
Catastrophe and chaos rule as myths become reality and dark magic threatens to choke all that is good.
Can the world be saved?

The Timeless Fairy Tales are a series of fairy tale adaptations all set in the same fantasy world. Each book focuses on a different main character, but there is some overlap as the events in each story impact both the character's country and their world as a whole.

There is a Timeless Fairy Tales world map and a Verglas country map! I teamed up with Daniel (of Daniel's maps) to create this glorious rendition of the continent, and Ilari Nikkarikoski for the rendition of Verglas. These maps are references, not spot on geography maps, so they are not made perfectly to scale with perfect details.

In a similar vein, the world of the Timeless Fairy Tales is big and sprawling and most of the events take place over a five year period. I've created a rough timeline of events (PDF Here) that take place in all currently published Fairy Tales. WARNING: It contains spoilers!

The Fairy Tale Enchantress

A companion series and sequel to the Timeless Fairy Tales series. 

The Enchantress series tells the events from Angelique's perspective, starting with the beginning of her apprenticeship and going all the way through to the final resolution of both series. There are 6 books planned for this series, and books 2, 3 and 4 will overlap with the stories of the Timeless Fairy Tales series.

The Snow Queen

A companion "prequel" series to Timeless Fairy Tales

These books take place centuries before the events recorded in Timeless Fairy Tales, but you will recognize many of the countries and some of the events that occur because of the characters’ actions. The Snow Queen series can be read before or after any of the Timeless Fairy Tale books but I recommend you read The Snow Queen before you read The Frog Prince (book 9).

Entwined Tales

These books are a series of interconnected fairy tales I wrote with several other fairy tale authors and tells the story of a family of woodcutters. My book, A Goose Girl, is the first in the series and tells the tale of the eldest daughter.

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Fairy Tale Novels

Timeless Fairy Tales 10-11
Timeless Fairy Tales 7-9
Timeless Fairy Tales 4-6
The Princess and the Pea: Timeless Fairy Tales Prequel
The Snow Queen: The Complete Saga
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Wild Swans
Timeless Fairy Tales Books 1-3
Trial of Magic
Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale
A Goose Girl: The Entwined Tales Book 1
Apprentice of Magic
Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella and the Colonel
Curse of Magic
Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom
Heart of Ice
Princess Ahira
Puss in Boots
Reign of Magic
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Snowflakes: A Snow Queen Anthology
Swan Lake
The Frog Prince
The Little Selkie


Curious how events fall in order across the Fairytale books?

I created a PDF for you! If you're looking for a more detailed timeline that includes the events of all the shorts and extras, check out Liz and Mikayla's amazing timelines!

Download Kitty's timeline

Mikayla's timeline is also numerical, but broken out by country! If you want a better idea of what's taking place in each country at a given time, this is for you!

Visit Mikayla's Timeline

Liz's timeline is organized in the proper event order and lists the books/shorts occur in to give you and end-all reading list! 

Visit Liz's Timeline

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