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Court of Midnight and Deception: The Complete Trilogy

Court of Midnight and Deception: The Complete Trilogy

Court of Midnight and Deception
Book Four

I couldn’t care less.

I’ve done everything I can to bury my fae blood and embrace my human half. That changes when some fae nobles show up on my doorstep and announce that I’m the next Queen of the Night Court.

Becoming an unwilling fae queen? Check. Inheriting a terrible mess? Double check.

The Court is almost bankrupt, my citizens’ favorite hobby is backstabbing one another, and I don’t know who I can trust since someone keeps trying to assassinate me.

Speaking of assassins, I get introduced to the best in the business—a fae lord nicknamed the Wraith. His deadly profession means he fears No. One.

The only reason he doesn’t kill me on the spot is he’s a member of the Night Court and the Court’s magic protects me. But that doesn’t prevent him from trading verbal barbs with me whenever we meet.

And if cat herding uncooperative fae while chatting with assassins wasn’t enough, I’m required to get married as part of some archaic Court law. This “queen” gig is the worst!

Supposedly I can choose anyone to marry, but with all the infighting I need someone who is unaffiliated and won’t cause political power struggles.

So, why do I keep thinking of a certain assassin?

The fae of the Night Court are desperate to find and crown their new monarch before the Court collapses.

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