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Princess Ahira

Assigned to a powerful but extremely messy dragon named Azmaveth, Ahira soon makes friends with the magical creatures around her new home. Even cleaning up after Azmaveth and putting up with with his failed magic experiments isn’t too bad, until he forces her to work with his human steward, Kohath.

Kohath is a piece of work. His bossy attitude combined with his lack of personal space makes him the most infuriating male Ahira has ever met. He’s also hiding a huge secret.

But war is looming with the Valkyrie, and not even the dragons are immune to political maneuvering. A surprise betrayal breaks Ahira’s heart and sends her packing back to her old home. If she does nothing she’ll never see Azmaveth, Kohath, or the rest of her magical friends again. Happily ever afters don’t come easy, but this princess just might be willing to fight for hers.

Ahira isn’t a typical princess. When she’s kidnapped by dragons on her sixteenth birthday she declares it the best thing that has ever happened to her.

No more etiquette lessons!

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