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Snowflakes: A Snow Queen Anthology

Snowflakes: A Snow Queen Anthology

The Snow Queen
Book Three

Why did Phile the Robber Maiden travel to Verglas? How did Oskar become Rakel’s attendant? And what became of Aleifr —the soldier who tried to assassinate Rakel? No one knew…until now.

Snowflakes is a collection of twelve Snow Queen short stories—three of which have never before been released! Each story will offer a unique perspective on old events, unveil a previously untold secret, or offer a peek at Rakel’s life after the war and the strength of character she continues to exude.

This collection is best enjoyed after reading Heart of Ice (The Snow Queen Book 1) and Sacrifice (The Snow Queen Book 2).

Though Rakel’s battle with Tenebris is over, pieces of her story have yet to be told.

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