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The Lies of Vampires and Slayers

The Lies of Vampires and Slayers

Magic on Main Street
Book One

I’ve spent my life training in the family business of slaying vampires, but I’m tired of all the death. I want to prove we slayers can help society, not just break it.

I start my new life by joining the Magiford supernatural task force, which exists to protect humans and supernaturals from harmful magic.

There’s just one problem.

All of my teammates who work the night shift with me are scared of me since slayers are the assassins of the supernatural world. Worse yet, even though I’m doing my best at pretending to be a human during the day—a necessity as a lone slayer can quickly become a dead slayer—I’ve utterly failed to win over any of the humans in my apartment complex since I have the charisma of an overdue investigation report.

That changes when a handsome vampire moves in next door. Connor may not be willing to try any of my failed attempts at baking, but he’s charming and not afraid of me. Plus, he’s the first friend I’ve made who has the time to hang out with me after work.

Things are looking up, or they would be, except a mysterious and extremely powerful vampire has declared downtown his nightly hunting ground. I’m the only one on my team who can match him in a fight, something he finds endlessly entertaining. That isn’t a good sign for my general life expectancy.

My greatest goal might be to win over my squad, but if this vampire doesn’t back off I might not live long enough to achieve it.

By night, they fight in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

By day, they are friendly next-door neighbors.

Neither of them know that their alter egos are archenemies.

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