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Urban Fantasy Series

Fairies, vampires, and werewolves are fictional...right? WRONG!

Magiford Supernatural City™

I have multiple urban fantasy series, most of which are based in the same shared world (Hall of Blood and Mercy, Court of Midnight and Deception, Pack of Dawn and Destiny, Gate of Myth and Power, and Magic on Main Street)

Hall of Blood & Mercy

(Complete) Hazel Medeis, the most underdog wizard in the city, must flee for her life when her wizard house is taken over in a coup d'etat. When the family of the most feared vampire in the region, Killian Drake, takes her in and trains her to fight, she starts to show signs that maybe she is not as weak and powerless as everyone thinks.

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Court of Midnight and Deception

(Complete) What can possibly go wrong when a half-fae just minding her own business gets caught up in the search for the new ruler of the Night Court?

Pack of Dawn and Destiny

(Complete) When werewolves start turning feral and mindlessly attacking innocent humans Hunter Pip will be forced to team up with werewolf Alpha Greyson to crush the source of the outbreak.

Magic on Main Street

(New!) By night, they fight in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. By day, they are friendly next-door neighbors. Neither of them know that their alter egos are archenemies

(Complete-Set in a different world than the Magiford series) The MBRC is located beneath Union Station of Chicago, and employees Morgan Fae, a teenager teacher who will give first hand accounts of confusing topics like high school, sports, and slang. Join us today to learn that you, too, no matter what creature you are, can rehabilitate into human society. (Unless you're a dragon--then we can't help you. #sorrynotsorry)

The Magical Beings' Rehabilitation Center (MBRC)

Gate of Myth and Power

(Complete) Chloe can turn into a cat! Unfortunately for her Noctus, the deadly elf king secretly living in her city, decided to do a good deed and adopts the "stray cat" that the local fae are picking on.

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