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King Arthur and Her Knights
Book Seven

Britt has finally settled into her life as King Arthur. Her knights know her real identity, her lands are are free from war, and she has friends and a family she loves.

But all of this is threatened when the Roman Emperor invades.

Merlin thought Rome was his greatest fear, but as he finally recognizes his own feelings for Britt he discovers a greater terror: Britt coming to harm. Merlin will do anything to protect her, even if it means distracting the evil magic user, Lady Vivien, by acting the part of her lovesick fool.

Old enemies and allies make an appearance as Britt forges new alliances for the sake of the impending war and tests her knights as never before. In order to repel the Romans and assure Camelot's survival, Britt must achieve Merlin's greatest ambition and unite all of Britain.

Will she succeed, or will she fall on the battlefield?

Peace never lasts.

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