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King Arthur and Her Knights Books 4-6

King Arthur and Her Knights Books 4-6

King Arthur and Her Knights
Vol. Two

Britt Arthurs has finally settled into her role as the substitute King Arthur. She’s even made peace with her growing feelings for her surprisingly young and handsome wizard advisor, Merlin. If only it could last.

It took two years for Britt to be crowned King of Britain, raise Camelot, and establish the Round Table. It takes only a moment to bring everything crashing down on her.

When Britt's biggest secret--her true gender--is revealed, she realizes that there is a price for her lies. For the knights of Camelot--whose loyalty she has won through blood, sweat, and tears--might never forgive her.

Perhaps even more devastating, at a time when Britt needs him most, Merlin becomes aware of her love and pushes her away in the most painful of ways. Merlin won’t let anything, including his own heart, stand in his way of a united Britain. Or so he tells himself.

Can Britt reclaim her knights’ loyalty and reconcile with the wizard who she loves as more than a counselor?

In a place and time not her own, one woman must risk everything to protect her life, her kingdom, and her heart.

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