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Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale

Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale

Robyn Hood
Book One

Robyn isn’t bold. She unwittingly starts the Robin Hood farce while saving a friend from the crown’s men. Forced into hiding she unwillingly collects “Merry Men” while grudgingly stealing from the rich fools who wander into the forest. When Little John and Will Scarlet join her team the small scale thefts quickly escalate to complex robberies.

Then comes the news that King Richard is captured and being held for ransom, and his brother, Prince John, is refusing to pay it.

Robyn isn’t brave. But she’s determined to free the King even if it means she has to rob the funds from Prince John and his legions of soldiers herself. Will she survive the heist of her life or swing from the gallows?

The ballads lie. Robin Hood, the Bold and Brave Outlaw of Sherwood Forest, is a girl.

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