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Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom

Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom

Robyn Hood
Book Two

After losing an archery contest and leadership of her band of Merry Men to Little John, Robyn flees to the last place anyone would search for her: the courts of Prince John. Robyn’s deception works beautifully, until her childhood friend, Maid Marian, discovers her and rats her out to her men.

When the Merry Men come to plea for Robyn’s return Little John and Will Scarlet are captured.

If Robyn can’t rescue them from a locked castle the best fate they can expect is a hanging. Then Marian’s betrothal to one of Prince John’s most vile Lord’s is announced. If Robyn can’t stop the wedding her friend will unwillingly be forced into a loveless and violent marriage.

Can Robyn save her men, her closest friend, and become the most famous outlaw in all of history?

The ballads lie. Robin Hood, the Bold and Brave Outlaw of Sherwood Forest, is a girl.

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