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The Revived

The Revived

Second Age of Retha
Book Three

After leading a group out of the full submersion video game, Chronicles of Retha, Kit knew she couldn’t leave the remaining players to suffer their fate alone. So she returned to the game with the goal to get everyone out.

There’s just one problem.

Forcing a system wide logout requires the defeat of the end game boss character. A boss who hasn’t ever been beaten before.

Solus Miles, the best player on the server, is famous for fighting solo, but Kit’s return changes that. With Kit fighting for their freedom, Solus realizes that he’ll have to travel with her and her motley crew and play up the charade of their "fake" relationship as pledged players if he really wants to help her in this fight. (Besides, if he goes with her, maybe he can keep her from dying all the time, too.)

When the top guilds are still skeptical of Kit’s plan, she turns to those whom others overlook: the non-playable characters controlled by the game mechanics.

But Retha has changed.

Monsters, events, and quests have shifted, complicating her task. The journey across an altered Retha tests even Kit’s veteran knowledge and strains her leadership like never before.

Can she leverage her NPC allies and convince the other players to join her?

Kit is back. And she’s still stuck playing her ridiculous elf dancer character.

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