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Vampires Drink Tomato Juice

Vampires Drink Tomato Juice

Book One

After witnessing a weird incident involving a werewolf, a substitute teacher/possible vampire, and a thermos of tomato juice, she is taken to the Magical Beings' Rehabilitation Center. The MBRC is an organization that strives to integrate magical beings into human society and hides itself in Chicago’s Union Station. It’s also a massive secret, and Morgan’s accidental initiation into it breaks every rule the place has.

Until MBRC officials can figure out how to undo the damage, Morgan is given a part-time job at the center so its residents can learn from the her. (Turns out average humans are a pretty rare teaching resource!) Between private tutoring sessions and being used as a human encyclopedia, Morgan befriends the pooka—a shape-shifting fairy who is too handsome for his own good—and may or may not have started a cyclops business revolution.

But when its finally time to leave, will Morgan be able to give up her new friends and return to the mundane?

High School student Morgan Fae is beginning to question her sanity.

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