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December 23, 2018 at 04:45 AM UTC

I missed my chance for the price and prejudice game. I’ve had that saved to my wishlist/Christmas list for years hoping one of my family members would get the hint. But it is now ‘unavailable.’ 🙁


December 31, 2018 at 10:22 PM UTC

I think it’s done fairly well, so like Caitlin said it should be back in stock soon!

It is SO MUCH FUN! I got the Emma expansion as well, but the Pride and Prejudice one is amazing. (Particularly if you play with people who are willing to get into the spirit of things! I’ve played with a group of my guy friends and I have never laughed so hard before.)


December 23, 2018 at 04:49 AM UTC



December 23, 2018 at 10:22 AM UTC

Their website says it will be back in stock in February 2019. 😀

Bookish Gifts and Items

Bookish Gifts

Now that my Christmas event is in full swing I thought it would be a great excuse to talk about bookish items! If you follow me on Pinterest you probably noticed I have a Gifts for Bookworms board, and can I just say some of the items are so clever, and fun, and just plain cuuute! If I talked about all my favorite items we would be here forever, and I want to get back to eating cookies so I’ll just call out a few of my favorites!


If you saw any of my Lars Olsen #deskdwarf posts on Instagram you saw my newest bookish themed mug! I also have a Dr. Seuss one featuring some lines from Oh the Places You’ll Go. Here’s a buzzfeed article with tons more bookish themed mugs!


If you’d like a mug (or a travel mug) featuring some of my cover art, there are some options over on my merchandise store. If you’re not interested in cover art MyrrhLynn also made a mug featuring the most popular line ever from The Little Selkie (“Some people need a starfish in the face.“)

KM Shea Mugs


I know this might seem random to include a game in this list but if you are a Jane Austen fan at all and haven’t played the Marrying Mr. Darcy game you need to give it a try! It is SO. MUCH. FUN! Especially if you play it with people who are willing to get into the spirit of it, because many of the cards say ridiculous things like “Scandal! Your dress was deemed too revealing!”

Marrying Mr Darcy Game


I love cute decorations and book ends for my bookshelves. My unicorn bookends that I got at a garage sale sometimes make an appearance in my Instagram photos (although in my case I have so many books the bookends are pretty squashed on the shelf and aren’t really serving their intended purpose). I also have a Pinterest board with links to tons of other options – I’m kind of obsessed so I willingly pin pictures of everything bookend related from cute to cool to majestic to DIY.


T-Shirts and Clothing

I’ve always admired the litograph t-shirts and other products, especially since they give a lot of recognition to Jane Austen and other classic writers. Check out their website if you haven’t seen their works before – they take text from the stories and use it to craft an image that represents the story. It basically allows you to read your clothing. 🙂


I’ll also confess to owning at least one (possibly more… I’m not going to say) Harry Potter t-shirts. And ok, I’ll be truthful; I actually own a Griffindor colors tie and house crest patch so I can dress up as a student for Halloween. Although maybe that doesn’t count as a book related item since Harry Potter also has the movies and a huge franchise?

I was inspired by all these clever book t-shirts so I asked my cover artist, MyrrhLynn, to make some fun clothes based on my own books. And boy did she deliver! There are now lots of choices, including some t-shirts that use the book text like litograph! If you haven’t checked out my store lately you should stop by!

Important note on sizing! The t-shirts in my store have sizing that is all over the place (I don’t have any control over it – sorry). I’ve order several as samples and here is my basic advice:

  1. If the store says “unisex” they are very much guy sizing. So they run large overall but might be tight in the hips or chest on females.

  2. If the store says “Women’s fitted” size they seem to run small – at least 1 size smaller than what I would consider “normal” department store sizing.

KM Shea tshirts

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