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April 30, 2023 at 07:00 AM UTC

I love Truck!!!!!! And Chloe just might be my new favorite heroine! Up till now it’s been Leila all the way.

Character Profile: Chloe

It’s finally time to discuss the character who has made me want to eat donuts the whole time I was writing this series: Chloe! Important: character profile posts do contain spoilers! If you haven’t read the Gate of Myth and Power trilogy, I suggest you wait to read all character profiles until you finish!

Chloe Character Profile

Chloe was a fun Magiford heroine to write because her basic instinct is to avoid conflict and fade into the background. Hazel, Leila, and Pip have much more brash personalities, where as Chloe is cautious and is the most in tune with the general well being of supernaturals in Magiford.

Chloe also provides our first look at what life is like for someone who doesn’t have power or connections. Hazel begins her journey powerless, but she still has her House and wizard family which makes her valuable. Leila is a queen, and Pip is a hunter raised by wolves. All of them are able to have some measure of independence and a base amount of confidence that makes them willing to attempt dangerous things.

Chloe, being entirely alone with only her human family—who she’s terrified of harming—fighting for her, is in a very different spot. She spends most of her life in Magiford afraid and running—from everyone.

She has safe spots, and knows where she can turn into a cat and blend in. She has the entire city scoped out, not because she’s paranoid, but because she’s had to make escaping fae and other supernaturals a part of her life.

Chloe is eternally stressed out, and instead being proactive—like most of my heroines—she’s very reactive in that she’s constantly being forced to react to those who would harm her out of sheer pettiness and spite.

And yet, because Chloe is powerless, she has more compassion and more understanding of how her actions can affect others. She’s more thoughtful, and so when she realizes that her presence is endangering the elves, who—news flash—are elves and would be wholly capable of dealing with the tracker if he had succeeded in breaking in, she still chooses to run in an attempt to save them, because she never wants her mess to harm another.

Chloe’s entire character arc can easily be summed up in a sentence: Bravery in spite of fear. But what was extra fun about her arc is that it effected her entire life, including her relationship with her human family, and the way she handles Destruction at the end of the series.

Noctus is right, Destruction (Aka: Truck) absolutely favors Chloe and is having a blast. However, he was only able to reach her once Chloe had the necessary confidence. Once the relationship was forged, Chloe’s kind temperament took over, and thus began a new era for Destruction, one in which he’s treated more like an eccentric friend than a weapon capable of destroying buildings.

Chloe’s relationship with Truck is something that will continue to grow in future series, but for now we can rest in the hilarious puzzle that Chloe is now the strongest supernatural in the Magiford world thanks to her powers and Truck, and yet no one will ever need to fear her because she’ll never leverage her powers the way she could. Her compassion and sensitive nature go far too deep for that, which is–perhaps–why Destruction loves her so much. Because to her, he’ll always be Truck, and never Destruction.

In conclusion, Chloe was a fun change of pace, a different kind of Persephone, and a unique kind of warrior Magiford didn’t know it needed! Thanks for reading, Champions, enjoy your day!

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