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Gifts for a Bookworm

Happy soon-to-be December, Champions! (Is the day before the night before December a thing??) May the celebrating and fun begin with the start of this glorious and wonderful month!

Are you in search of fun bookish merch, or do you need ideas for your Christmas list? Or maybe you are looking for ideas for something you could make for your favorite fellow bookworm in your life?

Then don’t worry, my Pinterest Boards have got you covered (along with a few additional suggestions from me!).

I will openly admit that this specific board is mostly pins related to various Fairy Tales or Alice in Wonderland, but they are just so cute/pretty! Some of these Pins go beyond crafts into “works of art” territory, but there are some simpler ones too (like the book page treat bags or the book page table runner). If it wasn’t obvious from the examples I just listed, most of these crafts involve using book pages, so if the thought of chopping up a book (even one that isn’t your favorite) disturbs you, maybe skip this one and go onto my next board…

This has all kinds of great stuff, from socks, t-shirts, mugs, bookends, ornaments, and fun games. Beware as you can easily spend a lot of time checking out all the great stuff linked on this board.

Now I’m going to specifically plug a few of my personal favorites:

Marrying Mr. Darcy – I have definitely mentioned this game before but this is a perfect chance to mention it again because I truly believe that if you like Jane Austen and if you have a sense of humor you NEED this game in your life. If you haven’t played the Marrying Mr. Darcy game please, please give it a try! It is SO. MUCH. FUN! Especially if you play it with people who are willing to get into the spirit of it, because many of the cards say ridiculous things like “Scandal! Your dress was deemed too revealing!” It also lends itself to lots of fake gasping is surprise and some questionable British accents, so what’s not to love?

Agatha Christie Puzzle – I originally picked out this puzzle because I am a bit of an Agatha Christie fan, and because I really enjoyed that the puzzle itself is also a sort of mash-up of the I Spy books I had as a kid. The puzzle contains hints/references to different Agatha Christie stories for you to find as you put the puzzle together, and overall the puzzle designers weren’t too mean with the color choices they used for the image. Normally I avoid puzzles with 1,000 pieces or more, but since this one is an illustration and not a grey photo of clouds and water there aren’t any parts where–in piecing it together–you just hate life.

Harry Potter Building Ornament – There are several different Harry Potter themed little Christmas villages or building ornaments, but I’ve personally been collecting these ones from Hallmark, and I love them so so much! They look cool on the tree but they also look cool lined up next to each other so you can make your own mini Diagon Alley! Speaking from personal experience make sure you open the box and inspect that nothing is broken as soon as you get it so you have time to get a replacement if you need one before they are out of stock!

2022 Christmas Gifts Idea

Have you received any bookish gifts in the past that you’ve loved? Share them in the comments below!

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