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June 14, 2014 at 09:19 PM UTC


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Happy Friday

Good day to you, Champions. Just a quick reminder that Life Reader is free today (6/13) through 6/17.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so I’m taking a page out of The Huffington Post’s book. For today’s post I’ll be listing the top fathers/father-figure characters that I love.

  1. Mr. Bennet of Pride and Prejudice: I find Mr. Bennet endearing thanks to his sharp wit and his clear affection for his daughters and silly wife. He and Lizzy are the most intelligent/clever members of the Bennet clan, and I am always brought to tears whenever I read the short but to-the-point conversation he has with Lizzy after Mr. Darcy asks for her hand. Love the man!

  2. Sir Ector of King Arthur and His Knights: Researching King Arthur really made me appreciate how much Sir Ector, Arthur’s foster father, and Arthur loved each other. There were specific battles Arthur forbid Ector from entering because he was afraid of losing him, and on more than one occasion Ector fights for Arthur’s honor after he is first crowned king. It was an endearing relationship, which I tried to mimic in King Arthur and Her Knights.

  3. Jeanie’s computer character Dad from Heir Apparent: This is a book I’m sure few of you have heard of, but it’s a delightful YA story about a girl who gets stuck in a full-immersion video game. One of the characters she comes to love is her computer character’s foster father. Even though she only sees him for five minutes every life, he becomes her favorite character simply because he lovers her and wants what is best for her.

  4. “The Indian Gentleman” from Little Princess: I love this book, and I cry every time Sarah is reunited with “The Indian Gentleman”/Uncle Tom. He rescues Sarah from poverty and gives her an inheritance and all the love she should have received from her deceased father.

  5. Eugenides’ dad from The Queen’s Thief series: Eugenides has a complex relationship with his father. His dad doesn’t approve of everything he does, or even of his occupation, and they have a hard time understanding each other, but one could never deny that the father and son have a bond.

That’s my list for now. Can anyone else think of any good father-figure characters? (I have to admit, if I opened it up to movies I would SO include Hiccup and his Dad from How To Tame your Dragon.)

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