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October 30, 2018 at 12:06 PM UTC

I LOVE Halloween so much! I think it might actually be my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas. Thanks for the Free Books!

Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween, Champions!

I’ve never been fond of spooky stuff or scary stories/movies, but I love candy and I love dressing up in costumes (or admiring other people’s costumes) so Halloween trick or treating is a pretty big deal for me. For those of your unfamiliar with the custom: trick or treating is when kids dress up in costumes and then go around to their neighboring houses, ring the doorbell, say “trick or treat!” once someone answers the door, and then the house owners will give them candy. My neighborhood gets hoards of children, even if the weather is terrible, so I have to seriously stock up on treats or I run out!

I can’t really give all of you candy but I can give you a treat! October 30th and 31st Robyn Hood books 1 and 2 will be available for free to download on Amazon (click the images below). This is also kind of a “trick” because I’m going to warn you right now that these books aren’t very well edited and have typos in them. However, many of you have told me you really love them so I want to share them with any of you Champions who wants to give them a try!

I was inspired to do this free promotion after looking at my reader survey results and the comments you’ve left on the blog. Many of you have said you really enjoy the free book downloads and giveaways, so I will be doing more of those in the future!

Enjoy your treat (Or is it a trick??) and have a Happy Halloween, Champions!

Robyn Hood Free Book 2

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