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book dragon

January 08, 2023 at 01:07 AM UTC

yay! now I have all the magiford books

Rebecca Carlson

January 06, 2023 at 06:01 PM UTC

When is the next Angelique book coming out? That’s my favorite series!

Rabid Reader

January 06, 2023 at 05:14 PM UTC

This is great. I bought the entire series last year despite it being available on KU. I love the Magiford world that much. Looking forward to the next series’ completion.

Magiford Sale: Pack of Dawn and Destiny

It’s 2023, a brand new year that’s waiting to be filled with fun new experiences and memories! I am SO GLAD to slam the door on 2022 and lock it for good measure. Here’s hoping that 2023 is more enjoyable!

But with the fun of Christmas over, that means it’s officially Magiford Supernatural City time as Chloe’s trilogy–Gate of Myth and Power–is getting released. Book 2 is releasing in a week, but we’re starting the celebration now with a massive Pack of Dawn and Destiny sale!

Today through January 9th, Hunted (book 1) is free and United (book 2) is discounted to 99 cents! 

Pack of Dawn and Destiny series

If you haven’t read this series yet (or if you read it through Kindle Unlimited) now the time to grab these books at a huge discount. This series is also perfect for binging in a long weekend making it a great winter time read.

If werewolves aren’t normally your favorite paranormal then don’t worry as my own dog (Perfect Dog!) had a lot more influence then I even realized when I was writing these books, which is why my werewolves kick butt, but also love cuddles and playing.

Here’s the description from the first book if you want to know more about what this series is like:

Ever feel like you don’t belong? Try being a hunter living with werewolves. I’m the definition of “doesn’t fit in”.  I’m not Pack, but I’m not the enemy, either.

I struggle to survive among werewolves who are stronger and faster than me, and are competitive enough to break a bone or two for the sake of “fun.”

Greyson, their alpha, is the worst of them all.

Blatantly relentless and twice as deadly, Greyson rules the Pack and expands its territory even though it’s already the largest in the region. I just wish he’d stop interfering with my life. He’s got enough trouble of his own with his incomplete mate bond, but he’s made it his hobby to tease and test me at every opportunity.

Doesn’t my life sound fun?

When wolves from surrounding packs start mindlessly attacking the innocent humans in our city, Timber Ridge, everything changes.

Werewolves don’t turn feral without reason. Which means someone is making this happen, and they’re targeting our Pack.

I don’t like where this is going, but how am I supposed to stop a feral wolf outbreak when I’m just one hunter? Can Greyson and I set aside our differences to see the Pack through this?

Tell any friends/family who you think might be interested in trying Pip’s story! In the meantime, thanks for reading, Champions, and welcome to 2023!

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