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August 13, 2022 at 02:26 AM UTC

I think I own everything you’ve written, but I can still applaud that you do these things and have these giveaways for your readers. It shows a real appreciation for us, so thank you so much.


August 12, 2022 at 06:17 PM UTC

I do really appreciate the transcripts – that made it much easier for me to catch up. Thanks!


August 06, 2022 at 10:13 PM UTC

Thank you for this! I wasn’t able to make it so this is awesome!!


July 31, 2022 at 06:42 PM UTC

Aw, I love that we get that wonderful boat picture Caitlin made a while back! It’s one of my favorites of hers.

Sheacon 2022 Goodie Bag

Sheacon 2022 is starting TODAY! Early access is available right now, in fact! (Reminder! To attend Sheacon, you’ll need to join the KM Shea Discord server! Once inside our community server, there is a special channel called “Sheacon-Announcements.” That channel contains a link to the Sheacon server–the place where the actual conference is held. If you have any problems navigating the discord server, feel free to ask questions! Vin, the Mod Squad, and the Sheacon Planners will be watching, so they can swoop in and save you!)

Once you’ve joined Sheacon sever, you’ll have access to the full schedule of events for the weekend–you can find it in the “schedule” channel! It’s also advised that you check out the server rules and info channel, and since the Opening Ceremony won’t take place until 6 PM central time, you’ve got time to explore all the activities–like puzzles–and check out the goodie bag! What is the goodie bag? I’m so glad you asked!

Every year I have a goodie bag of treats–for both Con attendees and Champions who couldn’t make it! This year, we have so much to share–important, the other attending authors/panelists have goodies to share, too, so if you’re attending Sheacon, check out the “Goodie Bag” channel on the server!

First of all Prince’s Bargain is free today (7/29) through Monday (8/1). This book was voted on by the newsletter Champions in my July newsletter, so thank you to everyone who voted!

The Prince’s Bargain is about Myth, a student translator and verified book nerd, who is selected to become the Crown Prince’s personal translator. Can she survive all the politics, danger, and her charming employer?

The Prince’s Bargain is book #3 in the Elves of Lessa series, but it is a stand alone fantasy romance, so if you haven’t tried this series you can pick up this book and jump in, although for maximum enjoyment you might want to read the other two books first. Please share the news about Prince’s Bargain with anyone you think might enjoy Myth and Arvel’s story, because this book isn’t going to be on sale like this for a long time!

For the next piece in the goodie bag, we have a brand new, free short story: Between a Queen and Her Colonel: Click here for the PDF!

This short story is a series of letters sent back and forth between a particular Erlauf Queen and her Colonel husband. (If you haven’t read Cinderella and the Colonel from my Timeless Fairy Tale series, I’d recommend skipping this for now!)

We also have something that has been long requested–much to my surprise–Aldelbert’s Glory Stretches!

Aldelbert is a character from my Snow White retelling, and he’s rather famous among Timeless Fairy Tale Champions for his hybrid yoga/verbal affirmation exercises. Now you, too, can join Aldelbert in his quest to intensify personal glory!

These fantastic illustrations are done by Caitlin, you can see her art here on her Instagram page! They go through a few of Aldelbert’s Glory Stretches, as show by Angelique, Snow White, and the Seven Warriors! (Individual pages will be available at a later date, but this post is already so full!)

Magiford and Retha fans, fear not, I haven’t forgotten about you! Caitlin also created some coloring pages for Retha and Magiford!

For Hall of Blood and Mercy, we have a coloring page of the famous pool scene! (Click here for the PDF!)

For Court of Midnight and Deception, we have Leila and Rigel on a coffee run with some nightmares! (Click here for the PDF)

For Pack of Dawn and Destiny we have Pip on a Pack Run! (Click here for the PDF!)

And for Second Age of Retha we have a very adorable page for Pirate Kit and Solus when the Pirates are taking them back to shore (PDF Here)  and–by popular vote–Kit on one of the crazy dwarven sheep! (PDF Here)

That’s everything in this year’s goodie bag, though I do have some fun announcements I’ll be sharing this weekend, so stick around! I hope you enjoy Sheacon 2022, Champions! I can’t wait to see you there!

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