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August 17, 2022 at 12:26 AM UTC

I also appreciated the transcripts as it was easier to go through them. I have trouble finding the time to listen to the audio files.


August 14, 2022 at 01:38 AM UTC

Thank you much!!


August 11, 2022 at 09:39 PM UTC

Yay! I am never able to listen to anything, whether it be audiobooks or panels. So I was super grateful for the transcripts so that I could see a bit of Sheacon.

Sheacon 2022 Wrap Up

Sheacon 2022 is over, but we had such a blast! Thank you so much to all the Champions for attending, and a huge thank you to all of the Sheacon Planners for making it happen!

For those of you who missed out, I have great news! Our diligent Sheacon Planners recorded all of the panels, so you can listen to them at your leisure! Additionally, this year for the first time ever I have transcripts of several of the panels! (The Sheacon Planners get the credit for requesting transcripts AND for editing them when I got them back, so all thanks goes to them!) The transcripts are a bit of an experiment–that’s why I only got a select few done–but if you Champions really like the transcripts I’ll continue to expand our transcript offerings in the future, so comment below if you like them!

The panels:

  1. Kitty interviews Joseph Lallo: MP3 File: AM Sohma fans, this is going to be your favorite panel as we discuss LitRPG, Epic Fantasy, and the difference in writing them!

  2. Kitty Q&A 1: MP3 File: Transcript: Magiford, Retha, etc Q&A!

  3. Fantasy/Fairy tale panel: MP3 File: Kate Stradling and Emily Deady discuss fairy tale retellings–an absolute delight for any fairy tale fans!

  4. Kitty and Kimberly Rogers discuss “Big Lies Characters Tell Themselves” with a focus on Pip from Pack of Dawn and Destiny and Angelique from Fairy Tale Enchantress: MP3 File: Transcript

  5. Celebrity Retha & Dragons: MP3 file: Authors Joseph Lallo, Sally Britton, Emily Deady, and our Director of Discord, Vin, have adventures in tabletop gaming hosted by Sheacon Planner Zooknar with a cameo appearance from me, Kitty! (“Begone!!”)

  6. Kitty writing panel: MP3 File: Transcript: How I plot, character creation, etc:

  7. Regency author panel: MP3 File: Sally Britton and Sarah Courtney discuss all things writing and regency, including Jane Austen Fan Fiction! It’s a fun listen in general, but if you like Pride & Prejudice–or Jane Austen in general–you MUST listen!

  8. Kitty Q&A 2: MP3 File: Transcript: Timeless fairy tale/Fairy Tale Enchantress questions, etc

  9. Champion Trivia: MP3 File:

I also had a few fun announcements! First of all, you can expect to see Court of Midnight and Deception available as audio by late September, if not earlier! Additional, The Snow Queen Saga is also getting recorded as an audiobook, and will hopefully have a September/October release! Later this winter. I will also be getting Pack of Dawn and Destiny made into audio, but I haven’t started working on it yet, so I don’t have an expected release date, though I think spring 2023 is doable. (That would be fall 2023 for you southern hemisphere folks!)

Court of Midnight Audiobook

As a reminder, most of the items from the goodie bag are still available (except for the free book since that was a limited time). So make sure you grab them–here’s a link to the original goodie bag post!

I also want to thank each and every Sheacon Planner for all the hard work they put into Sheacon. They started working in February for this year’s Sheacon and conducted a slew of tasks from researching possible panelists, coming up with the trivia for the very popular “Trial of Trivia” games, teaching some of the panelists how to use discord, organizing all the questions for the panels, creating the codenames game, finalizing the art for the T-Shirts–they did so much.

So, a huge thank you to: BlueFires, Cheybri, Anneli, Batattack, Eleniel, Kimberly, Lavalextrix, TheDinosaur, LouBerry, Chelsc, Zooknar, Narel, Miriel, Vin, PumpkinPi, Rachel, Shinin4ever(Gwen), RayJay, Wertful,, with a honorable mention to Mr. Chelsc for being the tech guy!

And an especially big thank you to our Head Sheacon Planner, Cindy! Cindy has superhero level powers of organization, matched with her bright and cheerful personality she becomes the hero of getting things done. I’m so grateful she came on board this year! Thanks again, Cindy!

I’d also like to thank our Director of Discord, Vin, and the Mod Squad–Mythical Cat, Smasher, and Rog–for helping all the new members in our discord server who joined so they could attend Sheacon.

Finally, I want to thank all the Champions who attended! First of all, I had so much fun hanging out with you all, laughing, and chatting. The notes you all left made me cry because they were so sweet, and all weekend I was struck by how blessed I am to have so many loyal, amazing readers. But I also wanted to thank you for being such a kind and caring community. It was so heartwarming to see how you would jump in and help any other Champions who weren’t used to discord, or the ways you would compliment one another in the “Drawing With A Twist” activity, and laugh together during rounds of bingo.

When I started writing, it was my greatest hope that I’d be able to have a community where book lovers could have fun and be excited about stories together. That hope is a reality because of you all, and it’s become so much bigger than I ever dreamed. Thank you!

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