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June 22, 2019 at 08:28 PM UTC

These books! WOW!!! I read this last one in a day and I just finished the fourth because I had to read more. I will have to read the bonus scenes, I was not aware this book had any and now I am so excited to keep reading more about Pet and her Psycho’s. Such a great author.


June 18, 2019 at 03:00 PM UTC

I vote for favorite too. It is difficult to say anything without using spoilers. There are many little sweet parts and many painful ones too. Some things that as per usual make sense at later parts. Some I still wait for even later parts to have an explanation for 😀
Also, I really must “meet” a certain grandma. She is to be expected in a book to come soon if I understood correctly. She made me very curious. I also hope the dryad is doing well.

Jocelyn Malone

June 18, 2019 at 11:58 PM UTC

Just what our favorite detective needs, his sassier relatives bonding with Pet ;). That should be entertaining!

W.R. Gingell

June 18, 2019 at 03:36 PM UTC

Grandma will turn up at some stage 😉


June 18, 2019 at 01:52 AM UTC

Boom three is my favorite too!!! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas!

Lynn Zieske

June 18, 2019 at 01:00 AM UTC

I have already finished this book and am forcing myself to hold off reading the next one so that I can keep this book fresher in my head to discuss. Things got real in this book and were taken to a whole new level!


June 17, 2019 at 11:11 PM UTC

I vote we just skip to the last book so we can discuss the whole series since I may have read all for before you even posted your first post about the series…(those new letters are very helpful lol). Also, I feel like this series kinda reminds me of Life Reader with all of the randomish kinda things that all tie together at the end as well as all the magical aspects. Additionally, there’s a lot of cute and innocent relationships in this series like life reader. If anyone reading this likes The Between Jobs series and hasn’t read Life Reader, I recommend you do it pronto! It’s so good and cute and very original.


June 18, 2019 at 01:22 AM UTC

No no noooooo! These books deserve to be read, re-read, obsessed over and discussed individually without getting overshadowed by the things to come 😀 Plus this is my favorite book of the four so I am excited to talk about it 🙂

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the five bonus scenes for this book on WR’s Facebook page. They are under the Notes section and are called: Pet vs Vampire, Zero Sum Game, Widdershins to Deiseil, Training the Pet, and Hock Sticks at Night.


June 19, 2019 at 01:48 AM UTC

Thanks for mentioning the notes section! I’d missed those, and it’s fun to see the psychos’ perspectives on things.

Summer Read-Along: Between Floors

*Screams* GAAAAAAAAAH I’ve been waiting all month for this week, Champions! Because we FINALLY get to read my (so far) favorite book in the series, Between Floors.


I’m not supposed to push through the boundaries of reality without supervision. I’m definitely not meant to drag a cop Between with me.

But stuff happens, you know?

Hi. I’m Pet. Well, not Pet, exactly. I am a pet.

Nothing too hard; I just cook and clean for the Behindkind who took over my house. Easy. But now one of my owners has gone missing. He’s fae, so it shouldn’t worry me, but if there’s something out there that can kidnap fae, I don’t wanna meet it.

Good thing I’ve got another two owners and a spare cop up my sleeve…


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! As you can probably guess–and is confirmed early on in the book–the missing fae is Athelas, my favorite character after Pet. This is SUCH a good book, I cannot wait for the Saturday discussion! (June 22) And, as usual, it’s available on Amazon to purchase or read via KU.

But without further ado, some words from W. R. and myself!

Kitty: We are finally about to read Between Floors, but I will forcibly keep myself on target. Let’s start with a fun question! Due to JinYeong being Korean, there’s lots of pieces of Korean culture presented in the books–language, food, and otherwise. Did you have to research that, or was that something you already knew before starting the series?

W. R.: In a sense, I had to research, but mostly the stuff included in the Between books is stuff I learned because of learning the Korean language. It’s no fun just learning the words when you learn a language, and I wanted to learn about the culture, too. So I watch Korean tv shows as well as dramas, and use Youtube—a LOT. Everything I learn gets put back into my books in some way (including, but not limited to, my violin). With the Korean language in particular, it’s helpful to my memorisation and learning to use it through JinYeong. The more I learn about Korea and Korean, the more you guys will learn through the City Between series.

Watch out when I start learning Russian…!

Kitty: How do you balance Pet’s relationship with Zero, JinYeong, and Athelas? It seems like befriending her goes against their instincts and yet all of them are starting to reach out to her in very different/unique ways.

W. R.: The relationships with each of the Troika are very hard to balance! Each one is a different kind of relationship to Pet, and each of the Troika thinks of their relationship to her in an entirely different way. Whether they are right or wrong in their thoughts remains to be seen… And yes—it definitely goes against their instincts! For Zero, there’s a warring sense of human as well as fae instincts, which might make things harder for him, but Athelas has his own share of reasons for not wanting to befriend Pet in any meaningful way. He’s quite amused and sarcastic about the other two doing so, but he doesn’t seem to realise his own danger quite as clearly. JinYeong…well, JinYeong likes to be the one doing the prodding, not the one being prodded, so his instincts are also against a relationship of any kind. There’s also the issue of humans smelling like food to him (which would be off-putting to me as well, quite honestly) so he doesn’t tend to think of humans as friends or lovers—or even, sometimes, people. Luckily for Pet, she doesn’t smell like food.

Kitty: Okay, that’s all for now, Champions. NOW GO READ! WE MUST TALK ABOUT THIS BOOK ASAP!

This Week’s Giveaway

Four randomly selected winners will receive two Second Age of Retha stickers each–the ones shown in the graphic. This giveaway is open to US and International readers! It runs 6/17 through 6/23. Winners will be notified through email. Click here to Enter!

And now for the boring legal stuff: No purchase is necessary, winners have five days to confirm their address after they are notified. If they don’t respond in time, a runner up will be chosen. The stickers will be mailed to the winners once an adequate address is provided. K. M. Shea reserves to right to cancel the giveaway or substitute the prize as seen fit. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc, but run solely  by K. M. Shea.

And that’s it for now! Thanks for reading, Champions, enjoy the book!

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