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Lorissa Brinkerhoff

May 04, 2023 at 09:52 AM UTC

I absolutely LOVE all your books! And I can’t tell you how much I adore the Pack of Dawn and Destiny series….I read it three times within the first two months! 🙂 I’m excited that it is now on audio…..however, I am wondering if you will be putting it onto audio cds or other platforms (besides Audible) in the future? Thanks. 🙂

Audio Books: Pack of Dawn and Destiny

Do you like audio books? Then I have an announcement you are sure to love! The Pack of Dawn and Destiny series is now available as audio books on Amazon and Audible. The narrators for this series were Kira Fixx and Adam Verner. Both of them did a great job on all three books but let me just say that the accents Kira used for Tom and Dale in book #3 are SO perfect. I burst out laughing when I heard them because I couldn’t believe how accurate they are for the Northern Wisconsin/UP Michigan/Minnesota. (And if you listen to the book let me assure you that, YES we do talk like that!)

Pack of Dawn and Destiny Audiobook

Book 1: Hunted

Book 2: United

Book 3: Fated

There will be more audio books coming in the future! In fact, to make it easier for you to track what is available in audio I created a new Audiobooks Archives section in the Books menu where I will add each book once it is available on Audible. If you want to know what audio book is in production right now, check out the coming soon page!

Audio books require a lot of time and money for me to produce so we’re only working on one project at a time, but my awesome audiobook team is continuing to work hard to make audiobooks possible!

Unfortunately, I can’t commit to a release date for the current audiobook project because with so many people working on it and  schedules involved, it can lead to unexpected delays. Plus, it takes Audible anywhere from a few days to 3 or 4 weeks to publish it once I submit it. And they don’t warn me it’s approved and going live, they just send me an email once it is already live. So if it seems like my audiobook announcements are very much: “Surprise! It’s here!” it’s because usually is a surprise to me as well!

That’s it for today, Champions! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new Audiobooks!

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