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February 15, 2023 at 11:29 AM UTC

I’m sure I’m pronouncing the name incorrectly in my head, but I am saying it, “care bear os.” And, well, Ker kinda has some good care bear qualities!


February 14, 2023 at 09:49 PM UTC

My cub scouts had a guest speaker who told them all to read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, but told them the wrong author. My 14 year old who was sitting in, looked and me and said, “Isn’t that by Dale Carnegie?” I laughed that my daughter knew the book better than the city council member!
And now my 16 asked me to get the book for him so he can read it.
I love Ker, she is totally one of my favorites!


February 09, 2023 at 05:35 PM UTC

My son pointed out the Kerberos means Spot in Greek. So when Aristide called her “Spot” when they infiltrated the Curia Cloisters, he was only calling her by name!

Kitty, I love how you have used the Greek myth so creatively. Thank you, get better, and take care of yourself. I’m enjoying your books and I look forward to the next book coming out. Any word about the next Retha book? Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY, want you to get better and close the door on your health issues. But, I’m also excited for the net book. Always!


February 09, 2023 at 03:14 AM UTC

“How to win friends and Influence people” was mentioned in a lesson I heard recently and all I could think about was Ker! XD I’ve never read it, but its on my “to read” list.
Thank you, Kitty, for writing amazing books that never fail to make me smile and laugh!
I’m a long time fan but this my first time commenting. Praying you have a blessed year! Keep up the Good work!

Katrina Karaninsky

February 08, 2023 at 02:30 AM UTC

I love you, Kitty! I think it’s interesting what happened to Ker. I haven’t realized that Ker is the three-headed dog! I feel like that gives me such a new perspective! So far, I haven’t read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, but I’m planning to! Thank you for writing these such amazing books! You’re an amazing writer!


February 07, 2023 at 09:44 PM UTC

No joke, Win Friends/ Influence People has been on my to-read list all fall (for work!). Still, almost feel like I don’t need to read it now 😉

One thing that’s rather unclear – others, specifically werewolves, would recognize Ker’s immortality in her human form, but not in her wolf form? How does that work? Is it because we recognize human faces better than specific dog/wolf markings?

I did find it unusual in book 2, when Chloe has been revealed, that it’s Aristide that immediately accepts her, while Ker is the standoff-ish one. Ker’s response isn’t too surprising – as a dog person (yeah, but I’m loving Chloe all you cat people ❤️) her first response would be to protect & defend those she loves. But that Aristide immediately accepts her – did not see that at first. Do appreciate that Noctus is less wary when he thinks about how she slept in the sink while he was sleeping! (A roommate’s cat 2am crazies always had me putting the cat in the sink in the downstairs bathroom – he loved it!)

Kitty, would it be possible to get a minor description of Ker’s clothes? For some reason, my brain stuck her in a Greek toga when I realized who she was, and try as I might, it keeps popping up! Shirt & jeans, blouse & slacks, what’s Charon’s approved wardrobe for her? Please help my mental picture!

Character Profile: Kerberos

Kerberos and Aristide are two of my favorite characters in the series, so I decided to start my character profile talks with them! (Aristide will be in the next post.) Important: character profile posts do contain spoilers! If you haven’t read King’s Captive or King’s Shadow, I suggest you wait to read all Gate of Myth and Power character profiles until you finish!

Kereberos Character Image


Let’s start with it. Yes, I thought I was absolutely hilarious when I decided that my version of Kerberos would be a werewolf.

Kerberos is known as the three headed dog of the underworld and serves as a guard. When I was designing Ker’s character, I first considered having three siblings serve and calling them “Ker,” “Ber” and “Os,” but I decided it was more important to flesh Kerberos out as a deep character than to make her reflect mythology, so I centralized her into one character.

Ker is the oldest living werewolf—by centuries. Given that she was around before the war with the elves and lived through it, she’s been around the block. And yet, her cheerful temperament has kept her kind and gentle when time could have easily made her jaded. Her age does create a bit of a conundrum, though, as it means she can’t exactly go strutting around in her human form, creating records of her presence, or supernaturals are going to start wondering why there’s an immortal werewolf running around, which is why she typically acts as Aristide’s guide wolf when they’re in public.

As we learned in King’s Shadow, Kerberos lost her *entire* Pack in the war against the elves. We know from Pip’s series—Pack of Dawn and Destiny—that to a werewolf, nothing is more important than Pack and family. Normally that means it’s shocking Ker survived, but the truth is she made it because Aristide is a stubborn mule who was going to keep her alive even if it killed him, and because Ker herself was determined to live and love again.

Still, despite all the years, you can see that pain has left an impact on Kerberos, she just chooses to keep on living with her friends—and with the help of her beloved affirmations! Additionally, because her friends are her new Pack, you can also see that due to her love, she is going to help them whether they want it or not–whether that means trying to cajole Noctus into taking a break from work, or to tease Aristide about being a Nostalgia vampire to keep him from becoming one. (In particular, fans of Pack of Dawn and Destiny might be able to spy additional insights on the way Ker treats her friends and how it relates to pack dynamics/hierarchies.)

And that’s our closer look at Ker! What do you think now that you know more about her? Has she inspired you to read How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie?

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