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April 15, 2022 at 11:54 AM UTC

Microchip-based feeder (works with RFID collar tags too) is a lifesaver for multicat households where one or more cats need special diets (or where one is exceptionally greedy and eats more than his fair share). The company which makes them is Surefeed, they are available on Amazon.


April 15, 2022 at 07:02 AM UTC

I am dying just reading this….
Being an animal lover myself, I can just imagine how much fun it must be with the bedevilments..


April 14, 2022 at 08:12 PM UTC

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for these demonic angel cats


April 14, 2022 at 08:08 PM UTC

This post is soo cool

Character Profiles: The Bedevilments

Today we’re taking a look at two of Pack of Dawn and Destiny‘s most cantankerous characters: Prince and Princess. I’m thrilled to share with you that these troublesome siblings are real. In fact, just about everything they do to Pip, the real life Prince and Princess have done to their owners–or, as I’m sure they see them–their staff. With that, please allow me to introduce you to the Bedevilments.

To start out, yes, Prince and Princess are full blooded siblings from the same litter of kittens. Prince is the one sitting on the arm of the chair, while Princess is sitting on the seat….I think. I can’t actually tell this duo apart when they’re not together, but their owners can! Who are their lucky humans, you might be wondering? Why, it’s Rock-Star-Assistant-Meg, and her hubby.

Meg got these siblings several years ago as fuzzy kittens, and while they adore her husband and tolerate Meg, they find the general populace–like myself–pretty distasteful.

Just like in the book, Prince and Princess have had health issues that requires special cat food. Each one needs a different kind of food, which can make feeding times all sorts of interesting as for the longest time they kept trying to eat each other’s food which would make them sick. And yes, at one point Princess did need butt cream that Meg had to apply to her daily. Neither of them were happy about that arrangement.

These siblings also love to use their litterboxes while Meg is cleaning them out, and they rule Meg’s home with an iron paw so even the dogs fear them–which is what inspired PoDaD’s Prince and Princess general disdain for werewolves.

The scene where Pip ruthlessly beats down an Alpha because she thought Prince was in danger was even inspired by real life events. Two coyotes once had a fight on Meg’s porch, just outside her front door on her porch. Meg was convinced they were attacking Prince, so she slammed the door open to discover the coyotes were on her front mat. The coyotes ran off, but they’d scratched each other during the fight and gotten blood on the porch, so a terrified Meg thought for sure they’d harmed Prince. She went tearing outside, and thankfully found him in the barn–sour faced and grumpy because she’d woken him from a nap.

But, I can’t just complain about them, because Prince and Princess aren’t all bad. Despite their sour temperaments, they are actually quite kind in the ways they’ll let you pick them up and cradle them, and they don’t bite/scratch even if you kiss the tops of their heads. (No, they’re way too conniving for that kind of simple retribution.) Princess has the softest fur, and although for a while they were really fat, Meg valiantly worked to slim them down, so they’re now a healthy weight. They’re friendly enough that they’ll bound around the yard with Meg, and they generally like to see what she’s doing and enjoy inspecting new visitors.

In conclusion, the real life Prince and Princess are very much like a typical cat in their ability to be gentle/loving, and their spiteful cat games. Thanks for reading, Champions! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Prince and Princess!

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