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Chase & Indigo

We’re continuing our deep dive into Court of Midnight and Deception characters! I’m delighted to present to you today the first fantastic werewolf secondary character in the Magiford universe, and the fae who I dearly loved to write since she “happened” to love all my fandoms!

Chase Washington is Leila’s Director of Security who hails from the Northern Lakes werewolf pack in Wisconsin. He is a mini golf champion, fiercely loyal, and takes his job Very Seriously.

I designed Chase because I knew Leila needed someone who wasn’t a fae to help guard her back–or Miss-Paranoid-the-fae-hater was going to die of a nervous breakdown. But although he was essentially supposed to be Leila’s insurance policy, he became so much more both to her and the story.

For starters, Chase let’s us readers see the werewolf perspective on things–which naturally helps confirm how warped fae thinking is, but also shows the ways werewolves are unique. Chase displays their natural athleticism, stronger senses, and their deep loyalty.

But as a character Chase changes through out the CoMaD trilogy, too. In the first book he’s all business and is professional to an almost impersonal degree. He’s likable–all the shades and glooms love him and he’s able to tell them apart! But Leila’s the only one who would find that quality admirable. In the second book we get to see his intelligence and cunning–despite Rigel being an assassin Chase judges Leila to be safe with him, he worked to get a truck in the night realm, etc–which also shows why he’s able to thrive among the fae. We know all the fae working for him respect him and–as side effect–Leila. But it’s not until the third book that we see how important he is to the Night Court, and how much he’s adapted to life among the fae. He shows up to help with the barrier with all the other fae, when technically as a werewolf he shouldn’t even be able to help! But that also reveals how much Leila, Rigel, and the whole crew mean to him.

To werewolves, pack is everything. And technically it shouldn’t be possible for them to bond as a pack with anything besides werewolves…and yet Chase acknowledges in Queen’s Crown that he’s starting to see the fae as his “pack” and Leila as the “alpha.” (Which tells you something about Leila!)

Of course, we also get to see Chrysanthe’s feelings develop for the oblivious werewolf. In future series in this world, you’ll get to see continued glimpses and peeks of this pair, but that’s a topic for another day!

I had a blast writing Indigo–mostly because she just “happens” to share all the fandoms I personally love and adore. She’s got a savage wit about her, doesn’t take guff from anyone, is a fantastic chef, and is the first of Leila’s staff to understand the new Night Queen. Not gonna lie, she’s one of my favorites. (Which is why Indigo was gifted with the first opportunity to deliver King Fell a knock-out blow in Crown of Moonlight!)

Indigo’s baking abilities were greatly inspired by two youtube channels I love, Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies and Feast of Fiction! And a lot of what she created, I’ve made myself! (My rose flavored Turkish Delight was about as delicious as Leila makes it out to be. I’m telling you, it tasted like a bathbomb.)

Indigo has the same kind of logical street smart streak that Leila has–which is why Leila’s antics bother her less than the typical fae. Maybe it’s because she shares a love of human entertainment?

really wanted to write Indigo as being even more nerdy than she was–I wanted to use more gaming references and Disney/Star wars references. Buuuuuut trademarks used in books are tricky things, so in the end I had to downplay it a lot more than I was planning because I don’t want to get sued. Hahah.

As a character, Indigo perfectly rounds out Leila’s circle of close friends. She’s more wry than Skye or Chase, but easy going so she readily accepts Chrysanthe even though the previously-bratty fae lady once nearly injured her. In addition to her chef skills, Leila needs Indigo’s taste for fashion, or she’d go around in jeans and a flannel shirt all the time. Indigo is perhaps the quietest about the role she plays, but the fact is her touch on Leila’s life is the most predominant out of all other characters when you match her cooking with overseeing Leila’s wardrobe.

That rounds out Leila’s inner circle of friends! We’ll take a look at Rigel and our leading lady herself, but I’ve got some other fun themed posts we’ll go over first. Until next time, Champions, have a delightful day, and thanks for reading!

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