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Enthroned news and sneak peek!

It seems book two of King Arthur and Her Knights is going to be quite easy to write. Already I’m 6,000 words into writing it, and I didn’t even mean to start it yet. Today I was forced to put it aside so I could start editing Enthroned. It’s going well so far, but I do need to kick it into high gear as Enthroned will be released online in a little over a week. Myrrhlynn and I are discussing cover art, which I hope to release on this blog soon!

Finally, I decided it is high time I give you guys a little sample of Enthroned. I hope you enjoy it!

The morning of the tournament Britt sat on a wooden bench, watching the jousts. The many knights and lords Merlin had collected for his monarchy vision over the years were scattered through the field. Britt saw one or two of them every few minutes as they attempted to blend in and act normal. The ringleaders of the movement, though, were holed up in Sir Kay’s tent.

Two knights—one dressed in green the other in red—ran at each other from opposite ends of the field, their horses snorting and prancing. They lowered their lances as they drew closer. Crack! The green knight was knocked from his horse.

The red knight raised his lance in victory and the crowd roared.

Britt sighed, disgusted with the lack of realism in her dream.

A shadow fell over her. “Having second thoughts, Arthur?”

Britt bolted from the rough bench, only to plop back on it when she realized it was Merlin. “No. I just find this idea unrealistic at best. This is clearly a patriarchal society. Women have no rights. I find it excessively hard to believe that your knights would rally behind a woman.”

Merlin collected his robes around him before sitting next to Britt. “You are correct. Women do not rule here. But to be truthful, it’s not like you will be ruling much.”

Britt nodded, picking three of Merlin’s knights out of the crowd. “I thought as much. You have all my officials, advisers, even my top warriors picked out for me. Will I do anything but sit on the throne and give a face to your monarchy?”

“You are judging too harshly. I did not mean to say you will have no power, Arthur. It takes more than a single man to change the course of history. That is why I gathered so many men. We aim to forge a new Britain. A better one. You won’t rule much at first, but as you win over the men I think you’ll be surprised at the power you will find you have,” Merlin said, fixing his eyes on her before kindly smiling.

Britt shivered. “These men follow you. You are the only reason they accept me as their King, woman or not. Why are you willing to give me a kingdom?”

Merlin looked back to the tournament. The red knight was facing off against a knight dressed in crimson. “I was taught magic by the faeries. Some of the most powerful magic users are women, so I do not doubt your capabilities.”


“And… perhaps I see more than you think I do, Britt Arthurs,” Merlin said, his smile was so slight it was barely a curl at the corners of his lips. “I forged the Sword in the Stone, and I made the spell that keeps it there. I know what is required to pull it free, and anyone who is able to do that deserves respect,” Merlin said as the crimson knight went crashing off his horse. He abruptly stood. “Come now. It’s almost time. You had best go speak with Sir Ector and Sir Kay before you run off.”

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