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Kenzie R.

October 03, 2018 at 09:09 PM UTC

I love all of the art, but especially the ones of Rakel. She has a special place in my heart because she reminds me so much of my BFF. I was considering the pictures, and one thing led to another, and I realized we had Farrin in the Hero Poll interview and there wasn’t a question about whether or not they actually named their first kid Phile! I am curious if the question was just never asked, or it wasn’t selected for other reasons.
I digress, because the topic is beautiful art. I really love Gemma’s raised eyebrow; I can just tell she’s looking a Stil. Her overall expression is almost exactly what I imagine it would when Stil is being dramatic. His dramatic flair is one of the reason’s he’s my favorite. Kitty, if you are still trying to find a character to top Stil, Merlin doesn’t count-sorry Merlin- I’d give him a personality that kind of runs along the lines of Nick/Stil/Dooley, especially considering how well the other two did in the support character poll.


October 02, 2018 at 08:25 PM UTC

I love all of these so much! I was looking through them and when I got to “Unleashed,” my little brother just went ‘That is /so/ cool.’ I completely agree. 🙂

Fanart Update

Hello Champions! I’m back from vacation! (Pictures will be coming!) But in the meantime I have some amazing fanart coming your way.

Rakel of Snow Queen by Emily

Emily did a stunning job with Rakel’s dress. You seriously need to look at this image up close–that gorgeous snowflake on the center of her skirt actually has a tiny reindeer at its center! (A+ for complex detail!) She added a lot of other detail to the dress–which really captures the Nordic/Norwegian inspiration I used when designing Verglas.

The next two images are both by Philosophy Snail!

Phile the Robber Maiden by Philosophy Snail

Angelique’s color-changing dress, by Philosophy Snail

I really loved the shading on the top image of Phile (and her long flowing hair!) but I thought Angelique’s dress was especially fun! (I’m a real sucker for the big, beautiful dresses, so it was reaaalllyyy fun to see Philosophy Snail’s rendition of the dress! And the colors are beautiful, too!)

Rakel by Lunadragongirl

Briar Rose by Lunadragongirl

Briar Rose by Lunadragongirl

Here we have another Rakel image, this one by Lunadragongirl! Lunadragongirl masterfully used her color palette, so not only does the image really pop, but it gives you that cold, wintery feeling that Rakel emits. (Plus I love the dress, the dynamic color in contrast to the sky is just awesome! Same to the subtly highlights in her hair.) Lunadragongirl also completed a fan art of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty! I love that she has depicted her at the start of the book when she lives in the forest, and the sublet roses in the background are a hint of both her name and her true identity!

Gemma by Sophia

Gemma from Rumpelstiltskin by Sophia

Here’s a lovely image of Gemma from the story Rumpelstiltskin drawn by Sophia. I love Gemma’s blue dress and how she has her hands behind her back – it’s a very Gemma like action!

And last–but certainly not least–we have a drawing of Gwendafyn by Rose Spangler!

“Unleashed” – a drawing by Rose Spangler

Rose did a tremendous job with the finer details of Fyn’s outfit like her arm guards and long hair, but in particular I love her sword belt and sword! (And as those are probably what Gwendafyn prizes most highly, I think it’s very fitting!) Moreover, this is an action pose with a sword, something that is really hard to pull off so well–amazing job, Rose!

I was really happy to receive Rose’s fanart, because usually it takes a couple of months before a new heroine gets fanart made of her, so this was a real treat!

Thank you again to all the amazing artists who have submitted their work to me! It’s a wonderful and yet humbling experience to see what you do with your skills. That’s all for today, Champions!

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