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HoB&M Universe: Wizards

In order to make things easier on myself with this new world, I’m releasing blog entries about Hazel’s and Killian’s world. I’ll link back to them in the Urban Fantasy book section, and I’ll occasionally update them/add new information, so keep an eye out for them on the website. Today, we’re going to take a look at Wizards!

Magiford Worldbuilding Wizards

Wizards are humans born with the ability to pull wild magic through their bodies and transform it into a form that they wish, though it mostly has to stay in an elemental form–like fire, water, air, electricity, etc. While there are humans that specialize in other types of magic (in example, seers, who can see bits of possible futures) that technically fall under the umbrella of being wizards as they are magic-wielding humans, the actual term wizard is applied only to humans are only able to use elemental magic. (Meaning unlike Fae, a wizard can’t cast hypnosis, use glamours, etc.)

Because they are essentially magic humans, wizards are considered the weakest of magical society despite their strong streak of magic. This is mostly due to the role modern wizards have taken on. Previously they were key players in wars, but wizards have ceased studying most forms of combat magic due to supernatural society turning away from wars and anything that would cause massive casualties/excessive bloodshed.

Wizards live together in a House, which is named after the family line that established it. The House possesses powerful magic of its own, and a special bond with the Adept–the leader of the wizards who have sworn oaths to the House. Houses will grow/shrink according to their bond with the Adept when the Adept “Ascends.” Ascension is the official ceremony that bonds the House and Adept together with the use of a signet ring–the conduit between the House and Adept that allows them to communicate and improves the Adept’s the ability to cycle magic through the House.

Wizard Houses have different focuses and talents. One House might be more prone to academic pursuits, while another focuses more on political power. Regardless of their focus, the House shapes itself to suit the needs of the wizards that live in it. Wizards typically congregate to the House that best suits their end goals–in example, a peace-loving house over one that has the tendency to be used as a policing force.

Wizards may leave their old House and swear their allegiance to a different House–provided they submit the proper paperwork and follow the correct registration procedures. However, the majority of wizards remain in the house they are born into. Wizard frequently wear their House colors or coat of arms on their clothes, and their magic matches the House as well. For example, all House Medeis wizards have blue magic, because House Medeis’ colors are blue and gold.

Wizards who have sworn oaths to a House don’t necessarily have to live there–this is especially true for larger/more popular Houses who have more members than they do space–but it is a fairly unusual practice.

It is worth mentioning that due to the magic in their blood, wizards smell horrid to vampires, who might normally be tempted to drink from an unwilling wizard because consuming wizard blood grants the vampire immunity to that wizard’s magic. However, the magic in a wizard’s blood with smell so horridly to a vampire that they are unable to partake, unless they come to trust the wizard, which will make the scent of their blood change. Even that doesn’t guarantee a vampire can safely drink the blood of a wizard, however, because unless the wizard in return trusts the vampire, the magic will make the blood taste rancid and the vampire won’t be able to swallow.

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