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Morgan Meyer

October 26, 2014 at 06:17 AM UTC

It ends tommorow people!! Rally the troops!!!!


October 23, 2014 at 09:47 PM UTC

I have just created a Goodreads account and voted for every book in every list, I hope one of them gets up to 75! 🙂

List Extravaganza

Happy Monday, Champions! Thanks for the many well wishes. I’m feeling much better today, and just in time! Today is my 200th post! To celebrate it, I’m offering a challenge–with rewards of course!

Goodreads has an awesome, easy way for you to find books that share certain elements, via its listopia function. In example, Enthroned is featured in different lists that revolve around King Arthur, and Cinderella and the Colonel is featured in a list for ‘Best “Strong Female” fantasy Novels.’

Here’s the challenge. Listed below are some of my books with links that will take you to their details page that show what lists they are a part of. For every book—FROM THE LIST BELOW– that gets 75+ votes on a list, I will write a short story pertaining to that book and post it here on my website—for free obviously.

This means, Champions, you could unlock five short stories. I’m not opening up all my books to qualify for this, mostly because if I did and if you Champions decided to really dig in, I could be writing short stories from now until Thanksgiving!

Goodreads is pretty forgiving. If I have more than one book featured in a list, you can vote for them all, there is no voting limit. Keep in mind that I’m not specifying what list for each particular book you should vote in.

That being said, if a book far surpasses the 75+ voting line, or if it receives 75+ in more than one list, I’ll pass out extra goodies for that book. I’ve been hankering to introduce you all to the concept of drabbles, so I hope one of the books makes this mark! This challenge starts TODAY, 10/20/2014, and will last for one week, meaning it ends Sunday, 10/26/2014. (Or more correctly, it will end Monday morning after I roll my sorry carcass out of bed and boot up my computer.)

Note: Voting for first books in the series essentially means—to me anyway—you’re voting for that series. So if My Life at the MBRC gets 75+ votes, I will release a short story that references material to Farewell to the MBRC. You get my drift?

And the books that will be participating in this contest are…

Happy voting, Champions. I wish you well on this challenge! Also, as a shout out, it was recently my cover artist’s birthday. So I want to wish Myrrhlynn a big Happy Birthday! Now get out there and unlock some stories, please!

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