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January 28, 2024 at 11:57 PM UTC

I’m sort of a compulsive highlighter. It’s just so easy to just run my finger over a line in my Kindle apps that I always have LOTS of highlighted quotes.

Here is one of my favorite Considine quotes from GAMES that makes me laugh (starting with the quote from Jade that he is replying to). I can just see him doing jazz hands with a terribly injured air:

“You only get in the way of my work,” Jade flatly said. “You’ve attacked me in the middle of an investigation!”
“That was the old me,” I said. “Before we bonded over the dead snake. I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m more thoughtful.”

Chelsey Tunney

February 06, 2024 at 08:11 PM UTC

Highlighting is really enjoyable. But I didn’t utilize it when I put in the hours to write “Simone’s Convenient Invasion of the Elves” in my novel. When I’m done with something, I usually highlight it in a 3-ring binder or an ebook on an Amazon Fire tablet.


January 26, 2024 at 07:28 AM UTC

I loved Josh and Rupert’s entire discussion (book and short story), but this quote made me laugh out loud – especially when I looked out the window later that day and saw so many of our evergreens were squealing about a chainsaw after the winter storm we had…
“I know he’s enough to make you nervous, which means Brody and I should probably be squealing like dryads who’ve seen a chainsaw,” Grove said.


January 25, 2024 at 10:30 PM UTC

I often highlight quotes that I like, sometimes to add them to my Commonplace Book (google it, it’s historical!). I also highlight typos and continuity issues because when I re-read it amuses me to know I’m consistent in my internal complaining when someone uses the wrong word. The last book my a best selling author who I’ve read for decades had continuity issues galore and it made me want to scream (“you just said he left the room! How is he there again to comment?” “You explained this differently in the previous chapter!” “It’s really clear which chapters your ghostwriter wrote!”)

The only quote that I highlighted from Lies was Josh, being Josh. 😀 “I cannot understand why anyone would _enjoy_ a dining experience in which they do not have the beautiful brush of cold metal against them — it is one of the few joys in life on this endlessly turning orb of brokenness that is our world.” I love his angst-soaked words juxtaposed against what I imagine as a very unruffled, matter-of-fact delivery.

Magic on Main Street: Favorite Quotes?

Let's talk favorite quotes! Now that it has been over a week since book #2 in the Magic on Main Street series was released, I'm curious to know what have been some of your favorite quotes from this series?  As an author the interactions with the task force have been fun to write, and I admit I love Considine because he has some really great zingers that he generously shares with the world! But I'd like to know which you liked best (they don't have to be funny)?

If you like the quotes in this post check out my Pinterest board in the coming weeks for more new ones (and hundreds of pins featuring quotes from my other books). As a quick reminder, if you are part of the Discord community you can add your favorite quotes to a running list that Vin, our fearless Discord leader, collects after each new release. She uses that quote list as a reference point when creating new quote images so this is a great way to get your favorites made into images!

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