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Caroline Auckland

February 29, 2024 at 10:53 PM UTC

The kindle version of The King’s Shadow: Magiford Supernatural City (Gate of Myth and Power Book 2) (English Edition) does not seem to be available on although I purchased book 1 on this site and it is available on
As you might imagine, I was very disappointed not to be able to purchase the kindle version, and I hope that your third book will also be available on kindle! I am disabled and reading books on my kindle is my only option.
Kind regards


February 17, 2024 at 09:16 PM UTC

Thank you!

Magiford Sale: Gate of Myth and Power

Happy Valentine's Day, Champions! Valentine's Day continues to be one of my favorite holidays--an entire day dedicated to sweets and showing everyone I love how special they are to me? Sign me up!

This year I have a fabulous Magiford sale to give you as a gift (it's almost as great a chocolate!) the first book in the Gate of Myth and Power series is FREE and the second book is only $0.99. The King's Captive will be free for only 5 days so grab your copy now while it is available. Feel free to pass this super sale along to any of your friends or family who you think might like these books. I love gifting free books to non-Champions too! ❤️

Gate of Myth and Power Sale

Get your free book 1:  |  All other Amazon stores

Discount book 2:  |  All other Amazon stores This series takes place after the current Magic on Main Street series but there are some Jade and Considine cameos in it. The Gate of Myth and Power series was my chance to write a Hades and Persephone retelling but set it in Magiford with my own special spin (which is why I made it so the male hero doesn't realize he kidnapped the heroine in my version). 🐈‍⬛ Here's the description from book 1 if you want a little more info about the series: I can turn into a housecat. It’s a fun magic, except in a world filled with vampires and werewolves, it doesn’t exactly make me a powerhouse. Instead, the supernatural community has classified me as an outcast, which means one thing: Picking on me is open season all day, every day. The local fae are the worst of all, and it’s during one of their regular “capture the cat-girl” sessions that I shift into my cat form and meet HIM for the first time. Noctus is so powerful his magic radiates off him like a sun, and my fae captors can barely look in his general direction. And then my life gets even more terrifying when Noctus decides to take me with him. As a pet. Why did he pick today to “adopt don’t shop” a cat? It gets worse when I realize he’s an elf, a ruling race of supernaturals that was supposedly killed off centuries ago. But he’s not just any elf, no. He’s an elven king, with heaps of secrets to protect. Secrets that I am quickly learning since he includes his new pet in everything from breaking into buildings to inspect classified paperwork to tracking down sketchy supernaturals. All this means if he gets even a hint that I’m not a real cat, I’m going to find out firsthand how elves treat their prisoners. So, escaping Noctus is priority # 1. How hard can it be? (Answer: very.)

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