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October 20, 2022 at 11:48 PM UTC

I love this series so much! I think it was the first I read after Belle and one of the first series I read after getting KU. It led me to all your other books and I’m now addicted. Also read this post a few days ago and had to come back to mention that I can’t get those cookies out of my head!

Meagan C.

October 19, 2022 at 10:06 PM UTC

I love this story so much! The MBRC books are some of my favorite that you have written. I’m partial to the slice-of-life style of book, and I love that the first one. And all the shorts that come after the second one so we get to see what happens in Morgan’s life just make me so happy!

MBRC Autumn Fun!

Since October is here, it’s time to remind you of the existence of what is quite possibly my favorite short I’ve ever written: Trick Or Treat!

Trick or Treat is a Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center short story, so if you haven’t read about Morgan and her Chicago friends you’ll want to go finish that duology first! But Trick or Treat follows the adventure of Morgan as she attempts to teach her magical students the human tradition of–you guessed it–trick or treat!

Click HERE to read Trick or Treat!

As hinted at in the short story, I love autumn treats! I’m going to get together with my mom to mix up the dough for what we call our Pumpkin Cookies! (It’s a sugar cookie dough that we roll into a cylinder shape, then slice into circles, bake, and color with orange frosting!)

Do you have an autumn-themed goodies you like to make? Or are you the crafty type and instead you make cute crafts?

Thanks for reading, Champions, and enjoy the short!

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