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December 16, 2018 at 02:57 AM UTC

I can’t believe it’s over!!! On the other hand, what a fantastic journey and conclusion to a series I’ve been reading for what seems like forever. Snow and Fritz were adorable, and Faina is my QUEEN, and I don’t just mean in the sense of royalty.( Is it bad that I also low-key ship Rupert and Oswald? Because I do, and I’d love them to bicker their way into a happily ever after)
And Angelique. I would need a whole page to talk about Angelique cause she is on a whole other level in this book and I LOVE that! Give me a snarky, knife-wielding, utterly-clueless-in-herbs Angel ANY day over whatever stuffy, useless pale imitation the Conclave wants her to be. I absolutely cannot wait until February to continue her adventure, ESPECIALLY with the surprise twist at the end of Snow White (no spoilers :)).
Kitty, are you planning on still doing the whole “unlocking extras through reviews” thing? Cause God knows I need more of this world, even with all the amazing fan art here!


December 18, 2018 at 09:22 PM UTC

Hahahah, I’m glad you loved everyone! Specifically Angelique–it has been really hard keeping her true, sarcastic personality under wraps. (Particularly around Lucien–she doesn’t suffer idiots very well.)
And now that the story has been out for a bit I can say that yes! There are extras, and the last one is actually from Angelique’s POV! (The first one is from Faina’s point of view, so hopefully you’ll enjoy that one a lot too!)


December 15, 2018 at 08:51 AM UTC

I read the book too. My, even though her book hasn’t yet released, angel has topped gabi to become my favourite heroine. Take that conclave!
It was so great to see her back with her ‘beloved’ master.
The fanart of solus and kit is the cutest thing i have ever seen…
And the one with pax and kit was hilarious!! And elaniel is a truly blessed artist.
Gwen looked great too. Awesome work everyone!!👏👍


December 18, 2018 at 09:23 PM UTC

I’m so glad you like Angelique that much! (Hahahah, particularly as you’re going to get her for several books.)

And I agree with your estimation of the fan art–everyone did an awesome job! 😀


December 14, 2018 at 02:36 PM UTC

Snow White was wonderful! And I loved Angelique’s real personality, and Evariste’s appearance, and how horrible she was at herb magic, and Fritz. Basically everything. Snow White was very cool when she showed her spine in scolding the lords and Angelique haha. I can’t believe Angelique 6-year quest is finally over! I’m so happy for her! But poor Evariste. I really hope he gets his magic back soon and I wonder what else he’s hiding behind that nice personality. (Besides his everlasting love for Angelique, of course;) I loves the sneak peek and I can’t wait for the next book! Thanks for the great book as usual, Kitty!

Oh and this might be a bit confusing in case any of you thought it was a typo but I’m a different Lyn than Lynn. Sorry😅


December 18, 2018 at 09:25 PM UTC

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! With Angel and the Seven Warriors bumbling around together, I got to throw in a lot more humor. (I am ridiculously fond of Aldelbert’s glory stretches, and Angel’s terrible herb knowledge. Quinn would be slapping her head if she could have seen Angelique’s poor acting, LOL)

I really hope you enjoy Angelique’s book just as much when it arrives! 😀 (It will shed A LOT of light on Angelique’s and Evariste’s relationship, as well as Angelique’s…baggage, so to speak.)


December 15, 2018 at 08:53 AM UTC

Everlasting love for angel? I hope that is sorted out soon, my heart broke when she said that Evariste took her on only due to pity…

Merie Shen

December 15, 2018 at 08:30 AM UTC

You read it already! I still have to wait. And I’m so glad that Snow White has the sweetest personality ever 😉

More Champion fan art!

Tomorrow marks the launch of Snow White! I can’t hear to say what you all think of it and the story it…goes over. Yeah, being a bit evasive here, but you’ll understand when you read it!

Today we’re going to go over some truly AWESOME fanart from you amazing Champions, but I did want to make an announcement! I’m throwing a Facebook event/party with the famous Lindsay Buroker to celebrate atypical heroines!

The event starts at 7 PM central or 5 PM PST. (I have to say figuring out time zones for all my different events has been a nightmare so I actually messed up the timezone in my newsletter, these are the correct timezones!) Just click HERE to visit the event’s page so you can join us for a night of games, chatting, and free books!

But now, onto the fanart!

This time we have several pieces of art that represent the first time a particular character has received any fan art so I’m super excited! If anyone has fan art you want to send to me to be posted on the website you can fill out the contact form and send me a link to your work. I’d love to see it! (Otherwise if you need to attach it to an email, just fill out the form and I’ll respond back so you’ll have my email. Gotta outsmart those email bots!)

Dima by Eleniel

Tari by Eleniel

Eleniel created two pieces that are a “first” in the gallery! The first is a fan art of Dima (one of the members of the Black Swan Smugglers in Swan Lake). The second is a fan art of Tari from Elves of Lessa (or Tarinthali as her full name is). While I really like the art for Tari as Eleniel captured elven elegance perfectly…Dima is just TOO CUTE!!! And the shading on his feathers and the coloring of his cute little eyes and bill? You just wanna cuddle him! (And his quote only makes it that much more fun!!)

Gwendafyn by HobbitLady97

Some of you have made some characters using the Azelas Dolls program as I mentioned in a previous post. Feel free to share them with everyone on Discord! Here’s one from HobbitLady97 of Gwendafyn from the Elves of Lessa series. (She totally nailed her–she got the eyes and the hair obviously, but that smile! Yeah, that’s Fyn alright.)

Kit and Solus Miles by Jess Wurms

Kit and Solus Miles by Jess Wurms

This is another cute Second Age of Retha fan art by Jess Wurms and this is the first time Solus Miles has ever been in a fan art. (Yes they do look this adorable when they sit together!) Jess obviously did a great job, but I think my favorite part is Kit’s expression. (Poor girl deserves to be happy after all she’s been dragged through!)

Gabbi and Puss and Boots by Hobbitlady97

Gabbi and Puss and Boots by Hobbitlady97

Thanks to Hobbitlady97 for not only creating the first fan art of Gabrielle but also the first fan art of Puss! She even got his half mustache correct! (Note that Puss is a little disgruntled that it has taken so long for someone to capture his majesty in art. Nevertheless, he approves greatly since Hobbitlady97 took the time to get all the little details right.)

Kitten Lovemuch by Sonia

Here’s another Second Age of Retha fan art, this time it’s by Sonia and it shows off Kit’s fancy outfits – I love that Sonia included Kit’s fans in this image! And she certainly captured the draping sleeves/skirts and lack of stomach-coverage all of Kit’s outfits embrace. Awesome job!

Elle by Elizabeth

Elle from Beauty and the Beast by Elizabeth

Pax and Kit by Elizabeth

Pax and Kit by Elizabeth

Next up we have two fan arts by Elizabeth. The first features Elle from Beauty in the Beast in the famous rose colored dress! Excellent choice, Elizabeth, and also beautifully done! The second is a hilarious comic art of Pax and Kitten Lovemuch from Second Age of Retha. I laughed so hard when I first saw this – the sunglasses on Pax make it that much more perfect, it’s just pure gold!!

Kiara and Sarah cosplaying as Rakel and Phile from The Snow Queen

I realize this photo isn’t technically a “fanart” but I was so honored that Kiara and Sarah decided to dress up as some of my characters (Rakel and Phile) that I just had to share it! While they had some great attention to details (Phile’s bandanna makes me so happy) I think what really makes this special is that they’re friends dressed up as Rakel and Phile–who have probably one of the strongest friendships in my entire series. It’s really humbling to see how you guys can turn words in a book into amazing things–whether it’s art or costumes!

(Which, I should mention, if anyone else dresses up as a character I’ve written, PLEASE share it with me as I’d love to see it!)

That’s all we have room for today. A big thank you to all the champions who sent in their artwork, and another thank you to all of you Champions who took the time to read this! 😉 Remember, check out my Christmas Event under the “for champions” tab on the website–because the fun starts TOMORROW!

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