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December 04, 2020 at 05:47 AM UTC

My sister is going to be so happy to get her paperback books this year! She likes to have a paperback copy of all her favorite books!


November 16, 2020 at 08:03 PM UTC

YAY! I was just telling my sisters that I was wondering when these books were going to come out in paperback.

Thanks for getting these out before Christmas!

New Paperbacks!

Rejoice, Champions! Meg and I–but mostly Meg–worked hard to produce four paperbacks! That’s right, the entirely Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy (Magic Forged, Magic Redeemed, and Magic Unleashed) and The Prince’s Bargain (book #3 of Elves of Lessa) are now available to purchase in a paperback format!

Unfortunately for the international Champions, your books may be a lot more expensive depending where you live. Amazon itself will charge more based on whether or not it prints in your home country or if the book has to be internationally shipped to you. But that’s what ebooks are for, am I right? 😉

Here’s a list of links to the books–if you want to get these as a gift this year, you probably want to order ASAP. Amazon is really slow with printing books this time of year.

Prince’s Bargain: | All other Amazon stores

Gotta say it’s really fun to see Hall of Blood and Mercy as a complete trilogy, but I’ve got to brag about Nibelart, who did the illustration for Prince’s Bargain. That cover is a work of art!! (The back is so pretty! Talk about a dream library!)

I also want to add, if you get your book and there’s something wrong with the binding (I’ve heard of pages falling out) CONTACT AMAZON!! They will replace the book! Amazon prints these paperbacks and ships them, so I have no way of creating any kind of quality control, but Amazon is perfectly willing to replace a damaged book. Hopefully no one has any problems with this–I think we’ve only had an email or two about it before–but I’ve heard of other authors having issues so I wanted to make sure you all know you can get a damaged book replaced.

That’s all for today! Have a lovely day!

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