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July 20, 2017 at 06:48 AM UTC

Mordred was actually supposed to get 33, I clicked Morgause by mistake. 🙁


July 22, 2017 at 01:40 AM UTC

Yaaay, I like Mordred too! (I sniffled a bit when I had to leave him back in Camelot.)


July 18, 2017 at 11:46 PM UTC

Aghhhhh these keep getting harder and harder to complete! My favorite books go head to head and I have to CHOOSE between all of the amazing characters?!? I’m kinda scared with what’s going to be next. These polls are stressful!

Secondary Character Poll: Round III

Good day to you, Champions! Last week’s battle was pretty brutal given that King Arthurs and Her Knights is well loved, but the top three characters who will proceed to the next round are: Sir Kay (124 votes), Nymue (105 Votes), Morgan (52 votes)… and Gwain (52 votes).

For a SECOND TIME you guys pulled a fast one on me, and there was a tie for second place! (Admittedly I’m very pleased because I love both Morgan and Gwain, but its the principle of the matter!!)

In an EXTREMELY close fourth we have Crafty–Robyn’s Horse–with 50 votes, and Maid Marian took fifth with 48 votes–which I was happy to see as that meant some of the Robyn Hood Crew placed high! Then we had King Pellinore in sixth (39 votes), Much in seventh (33 votes), Sir Mordred in eighth (32 votes) and Sir Ector in ninth (28 votes).

In total there were 780 votes, with 260 participants! Thank you to everyone who voted–this was a nail-biting round.

There were a few surprises with this poll! I hadn’t pegged Crafty or Marian as the most beloved Robyn Hood secondary characters, and I certainly didn’t know Pellinore was so popular! (I mean, I always loved him because of the whole sable knight thing, but I do occasionally have questionable tastes.) This was a very illuminating round for me…but on to the next one!

Prepare yourselves from the next fight: a match between books of yore!

Next up is the Third Round of the “Favorite Secondary Character Poll!” Today’s line up is: Life Reader VERSUS Princess Ahira! As it is with all the rounds, you get to cast your ballot once, but you can vote for up to three characters. This poll will close 7/20–so you have ONE WEEK to vote!

Choose carefully! The top three characters of this poll will go on to the FINAL ROUND!

Now, may the fight begin!<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Take Our Poll</a>

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