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July 21, 2022 at 04:44 AM UTC

I probably won’t be able to participate live, so please please please record it or something so I can listen in later! Please?


July 21, 2022 at 06:25 PM UTC

The planners are going to record again this year. But they don’t want to guarantee the recordings in case of human or technical error. But once SheaCon is over, what is recorded will be available.


July 22, 2022 at 10:52 PM UTC

Thank you! That’s awesome!!


July 21, 2022 at 03:14 AM UTC

Oh WOW!!! This is super exciting!
What a lot of fun planned….and even some print-off-ables. As my family is going out of town right after SheaCon, the printables will be perfect to help pass the time as we travel!
Thank y’all soooo much for planning all this for us Champions💕❤️💕

Sheacon 2022 Activities

Hello, Champions! Today we have another guest poster, Cindy! Cindy is our Head Sheacon Planner, and today she’s going to give you a breakdown of what activities will be available at Sheacon (July 29th – July 31st) in addition to the panels and Retha D&D. (If you haven’t seen the panel schedule yet, click here to view it!) We still have a few slots open in Retha D&D, which is the Retha themed table top game run by Zooknar. If you’d like to sign up, here’s the form–make sure you check the rules and sign up ASAP as spots are limited!

Reminder, Sheacon 2022 will be held on a discord server, which will open on July 29th. If you’re interested in any of the activities mentioned, you can find them in their corresponding channel names, which are bolded. Some channels do have matching audio channels–for instructions and fun. If you’re ever lost, or don’t know where to go, check out the help desk channel! (It will be in the top most section of the server!)

And that’s it for now–take it away, Cindy!

Hello Champions, my name is Cindy. As Head Planner for SheaCon 2022, I first need to make a shout out to the amazing hard work of all the planners. They are responsible for creating so many new activities, and preparing old ones to return. And don’t worry, there will be returning activities as well! 

Our art and cosplay channel is back! This is where you can post fan art or pictures of a KM Shea/AM Sohma character cosplay you have done. We ask that privacy is respected in these pictures, especially for minors, but you can show off costumes without showing faces!

This year for the very first time, there will be a Printable Activities channel where there will be many different types of activities. These include Quote Cryptogram, Buzzword Word Search, Magical Creature Word Unscramble, and Trivia Crossword. These activities will test your brain power with KM Shea and AM Sohma quotes, trivia, creatures and character names!

If you find puzzles relaxing, we have the channel for you!  In our puzzle channel you will find many, many jigsaw puzzles of Kitty’s book quotes and cover images.  

Do you like riddles? Then step right into our channel full of brain twisting riddles, riddle me this!  You will be able to use this channel to share your riddles or try answering riddles created by your fellow Champions. You can submit riddles from any book written by one of the authors participating in a panel, or you can just create and submit a generic riddle.  

Ever wanted to share in the indescribable misery joy of Stil’s question game? Need a way to help time pass? Yes? Stil will be overjoyed at having another person playing his game!

Magiford is going to be the center of a fae, werewolf, and human battle to decide which drink is the best on Magiford Beverage Brawl! The fae insist tea is superior to all other drinks. Leila leads a faction of humans obsessed with coffee. And the werewolves demand that cocoa is the best out of loyalty to Pip and Greyson. To settle the issue once and for all, Pip has suggested a challenge. Which drink will win Magiford’s favor? You decide. Share your favorite tea/coffee/cocoa recipes or share pics of your favorite drink or drinkware (coffee/tea pots, tea cups, mugs, etc.). The beverage with the most posts wins!

The fan favorite Drawing with a Twist will be back! “Drawing? But I can’t find my favorite sketching pencil!” you say. Do not fear, for despite the name of this activity, a pencil is not required. You can also break out the sidewalk chalk that you gave your children for Christmas, the craft paint you bought when you were trying to somehow make your dorm room more homey, that tub of clay from the pottery phase you went through 7 years ago, or even the oil paint that your great aunt gave you after you mentioned that you were taking a high school art class. You will have one hour to create an iconic* scene from  a KM Shea or AM Sohma series! (*iconic is a broad definition, and we are not open for critique at this time 😉

Calling all Champions to the arena of Shea-Trivia! You’ve read the books, you’ve re-read the books, but have you delved into the details with the determined focus of Stil playing his question game? Test your mettle in a round of K. M. Shea themed Kahoot! Each Trial of Trivia will test your knowledge of Kitty’s books. Will you stand as strong as a Drake vampire in sunlight or falter under the nitty-gritty details? Speed and accuracy are key, so warm up your clicking finger and get ready to show-off your true obsession with all things Shea-verse!

Test your intelligencer senses in Codenames! Codenames is a card based guessing game with a spy (and Kitty!) theme that can be played online. The goal of the game is for the operatives to guess correctly which cards belong to their team, based on clues from their spymaster. The first team to identify all of their cards wins! 

Welcome to SheaCon Bingo! To play, simply jump in the channel (and the voice chat) and pull up a Bingo card! Listen carefully as your host calls out familiar words (to Champions) and soon you just might have… Bingo!

Ever wish you could get up and move around while still attending SheaCon?  Then Glory Stretches a la Aldelbert is for you! Get ready to stretch your muscles and boost your confidence!

Vin will have a channel (or two) dedicated to continuing the mis-adventures of Lord Sebastian Vlasic Dilbertcumber the Seventh and Valgara aka Princess Airryn Nimbus! And You get to participate! Each Champion will get an opportunity to write a few sentences at a time to contribute to the new story.

Vin will also be hosting a LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online) watch party as she and others from the kin run around Middle Earth. If you’ve ever wondered what Retha might look like, be sure to join in. Check out Vin’s fun in her Vintertainment channels!

All this is in addition to the panels with Kitty, other author panelists, and Retha and Dragons, a Dungeon and Dragons game with an Age of Retha twist! We are very excited to see you at SheaCon this year, so be sure to mark your calendars for July 29th through 31st!

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