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December 26, 2016 at 09:32 PM UTC

I’ve just finished reading Sleeping Beauty-and I must say I’m completely amazed! Thank you for taking me on this wonderful, breathtaking adventure with Briar and Isaia! <3 I also love the freebies-could you maybe write one about Delanna, please? 😉 You mentioned two (or some more) upcoming fairy tale adaptations-I wonder, could they be Snow White and/or The Twelve Dancing Princesses? There've been hints of a girl in a Glass Coffin as well as twelve cursed princesses in Farset…
Happy holidays! 🙂


December 30, 2016 at 12:15 AM UTC

I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 And I’m happy to confirm that the last short for Sleeping Beauty deals with Delanna, and yes, two of the remaining fairy tale retellings are The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Snow White! There’s a third fairy tale I’m debating on, but those two are set in stone! After Snow White, there will be two more books, one that focuses on Angelique and another that ties everything today, and that will finish the story arc! I hope you enjoy them, I’ve been looking forward to Snow White for FOREVER!!


December 21, 2016 at 05:50 AM UTC

Are we there yet? 😀


December 21, 2016 at 09:55 PM UTC

For the next short? Not quite–need about 9ish more reviews–so it should be up by Friday at the very latest I imagine. 🙂 (It’s a good one as you get to see more of Angelique and Evariste!)


December 20, 2016 at 05:00 AM UTC

You know, that would be a good Princess and the Pea type of story. 🙂

Kenzie R.

December 19, 2016 at 11:08 PM UTC

I agree with Kathy, I’d love to see the girl who slapped and bad mouthed the crown prince try to be a Princess. Also seeing Steffen, the crown idiot as my best friend and I affectionately call him, actually governing would be quite entertaining!


December 21, 2016 at 10:25 PM UTC

Ahhh yes, it’s actually not as hard for Gabrielle as you would think! Remember, Arcainia is the place where everyone involved in the government–royalty included–wears uniforms and eats lunch together. Gabrielle isn’t afraid of work–though the rest of the continent assumes Steffen married her for her beauty as I’ve hinted in a few books. (If she had become a princess of Loire or Sole, though, it’s pretty safe to say she would gone crazy a few months into her marriage.)
That being said, their daily life AFTER the final book in this story arc is quite…unique. 😉

Cindy Bohn

December 19, 2016 at 11:58 AM UTC

I am looking forward to this one! I really liked Puss in Boots. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


December 21, 2016 at 10:27 PM UTC

I hope you like Sleeping Beauty! I also loved Puss in Boots–I’m not certain I’ll ever be able to write a funnier fairy tale. The Steffen/Gabrielle/Puss combo was too perfect. 😀


December 18, 2016 at 03:32 PM UTC

Thank you. I really enjoy all the extras. The extras give us extra information and tie up loose ends regarding the side characters. Now with all the extra stuff you gave us, I became quite greedy and am actually quite curious as to how the different couples interact with each other in their daily lives after their ‘happy ever after’ (since for the 3 books I read so far, they ended quite soon after their adventures end). I wonder if you have any plans in the future to write some snippets (or even dialogues are enough!) so that we could get a glimpse of the daily lives of our favorite characters after their adventure ends (Like Gabrielle trying to be a princess)?


December 21, 2016 at 10:12 PM UTC

Ahahaha, their adventures haven’t ended quite yet. 😉 There’s at least 2 more fairy tales on the docket, and then I’ll hit you with Angelique’s story and a book that will wrap up the current story arc. (Meaning the people who gave Carabosso his orders will finally be faced.) In that book ALL the main protagonists will come together to fight. I’ve been planning their roles for that book since I first published Wild Swans! 😀 So yes, you’ll still get to see more of everyone–Gabby and Steffen included.

As for posting more extras about them…it isn’t likely beyond doing the odd short for a holiday celebration. The Timeless Fairy Tale world is so sprawling I can’t keep up with everyone–though I do have some shorts planned to take place after the final book as review rewards that will help settle everyone in place.


December 22, 2016 at 12:47 PM UTC

I am looking forward to the 2 fairytales as well as Angelique’s story (especially Angelique’s story. I wonder if it’d be a fairytale retelling as well? Will master Evariste play a role? Angelique’s story seems so interesting.)
Thank you for answering my questions and I think I would be already satisfied with the ‘odd short for a holiday celebration’. 😊


December 30, 2016 at 12:29 AM UTC

Angelique’s story isn’t based off a fairy tale, mostly because her story brings everything together so there are already dozens of fairy tales in it. 🙂 However, yes, you guessed it, the story will let you learn the full tale of Angelique and Evariste!

Sleeping Beauty: Original Authors

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to review Sleeping Beauty! Here’s the first short: The Starting Point It takes a look at young Briar and Isaia’s relationship.

Now, onto the research!

My rendition of Sleeping Beauty is a little different from all my other stories, because it is a combination of two fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty, and Little Briar Rose. Normally I only spend one post that looks at the original fairy tale and the authors, but today I want to focus specifically on the origins because they are so fascinating. But worry not–I’m still going to rip the original fairy tale to shreds in another post!

If I’m being picky, my Sleeping Beauty was based on more than two fairy tales, because the Brothers Grimm actually collected quite a few stories that all share elements of sleeping beauty, but the classic one that inspired Disney’s sleeping beauty, and the story I drew the most from, is Little Briar Rose. The Brothers Grimm published their first collection of fairy tales in 1812, and became the creators of folklore studies. Little Briar Rose was one of the many orally told stories they collected, and they were able to trace its origins to Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty–which we will jump into below. The story shares the same basic plot as Perrault’s story, however, it is essentially chopped in half, and also cleaned up a bit.

Moving on! Sleeping Beauty was published in French by Charles Perrault in 1697. (Perrault’s name might sound familiar, as he also published versions of Puss in Boots and Cinderella.) Though Perrault crafted the most recognizable elements of sleeping beauty as we know it today, he actually based his story on the a fairy tale written by an Italian poet, Giambattista Basile. The story–which was published in 1634, after Basile died–was called Sun, Moon, and Talia.

Sun, Moon, and Tailia, in turn, was based off several folk stories–including a chapter/episode of a lyrical poetry series titled Perceforest that was collected in the early 1300s. The specific sleeping beauty chapter is titled Histoire de Troïlus et de Zellandine, and is considered the first of its kind–its kind being the sleeping princess stories as there are quite a few.

Sleeping Beauty is a lot like Wild Swans in that there are a lot of variations out there that are considered separate stories, but they all fall under one type.

In the next post we’ll actually dive into the original story, but it is worth mentioning that Perrault–and as a result the Brothers Grimm–removed some of the ickier elements that are included in Sun, Moon, and Talia, and Perceforest. (The biggest issue being the sleezebag of a prince who finds the sleeping princess.)

Until the next post, I hope you all enjoy the extra! Thanks for reading, Champions!

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