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January 04, 2017 at 08:03 AM UTC

For some reason I couldn’t open your last post, Did anyone else have that problem?


January 05, 2017 at 11:50 PM UTC

Hmm might have been because I edited it the moment after I posted it. (I do that sometimes when I realize I had a derpy moment and included a bad link or something.)


January 04, 2017 at 07:29 AM UTC

I really like the cover for King Arthur three – pack. Thank you for the updates (and for being a great author).

Updated Books

Greetings, Champions! Things are a little crazy for me as I have approximately four projects that all happened to reach completion at approximately the same time, so stuff is piling up. I’m aware that I have about a dozen things to update you all on, but I can’t tackle them all at once, so you’re going to be getting daily updates for the next few days!

Today’s topic: getting updated books.

As I mentioned last week, Cinderella and the Colonel got an edit and a new cover, so I recommended any of you C&C fans snag the new edition. What I did not know was that Amazon just did a rehaul of its help system, so things changed.

Additionally, I also did a light edit of Enthroned, Enchanted, and Embittered in preparation for writing the final King Arthurs book, so I re-uploaded those books, and repackaged the three pack–which also got a new cover! So if you unless you bought any of those books last week, you have the old versions. (Note: the only changes are really a few stylistic fixes and a lot of typo fixes, the story hasn’t changed at all!)

Woohoo! Thanks, Myrrhlynn for the new cover! It looks spectacular!

So with all these updated editions floating around, I realized it would be easiest if I just made a guide on how to get updated ebooks, So here’s the PDF: How to get an updated book-which has pictures and big red arrows to get you through the process! I do have to remind everyone, though, that I cannot get the updated ebook on your device, only Amazon can do that. Additionally, when the updated version is pushed onto your kindle library by amazon, they will push it to the front of your library/book list. So if the book you request the update for suddenly appears at the top of your kindle books, you have the updated version!

Thanks for your patience, Champions! Good luck to those of you who decide to get the updated editions!

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