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Vote for YOUR favorite Candidate–I mean book!

Alright, so this year my goal is to release many, many more books for the kindle. (Because, I’ll admit it, I am hooked to reviews. I know lots of writers say that, but I’m being truthful here. I print off your reviews, and I file them. That is how much I love them.) Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale was just released this week, Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom, the sequel, will be released in March. I have one other book that I will be posting on the Kindle, but it needs some editing before that happens. I’m hoping it will be ready for an April release. In the meantime, I need to start working on the new book(s) that I want to release. SO, I’m leaving it up to you guys! Vote for the idea you like the most. (Please, please, please vote. I’ll feel like a loser if you guys just read this entry and don’t vote.)

King Arthur: A Modern Girl Rules Camelot–All Britannica Arthurs wanted to do was explore Britain with her college pals in celebration of their recent graduation. Unfortunately she falls against a rusted sword in a graveyard and is transported back to the time of King Arthur. Merlin (who is surprisingly young and hot) finds Britannica and explains to her that she–having pulled the sword from the stone–is the rightful King of England…because the real Arthur ran off with a milkmaid.

God Forsaken: In a world that revolves around religions there is a yearly ceremony in which all 13-year-olds are dedicated to the gods. During the ceremony, gods choose their next generation of servants, who are tattooed with the god’s symbol. In this world, Magdalene Nobless because the first person in history to be not be chosen.  No god chooses her as their servant, she is god forsaken.

Cat Tails: As far as magical abilities and super powers go, I’m pretty sure I got jipped. I mean come on, I have the ability to transform into a common housecat, and I live in an era where werewolves trot down the street, fairies dance in clubs, and sirens hold pop concerts in the park.  I’m definitely a small fry as far as the magical community is concerned, which is good because it means that I–being a rare loner–can hide pretty well from the magical community. I guess it’s “was able to hide”…. because now lots of people know about me since I accidentally plopped down in the middle of a paranormal war that is centuries old.  A word from the wise: Look out for the prettiest fairest–they’re always the worst.

The Free Lance: Abby, a freelance reporter, never signed up for murders. Mysteries weren’t her thing–it’s why she was part of a small town newspaper. School board meetings she could do. City board meetings were her favorite. Kidnappings, drug busts, burglary–nope. Not Abby’s calling. Unfortunately for Abby, her editor doesn’t agree. Dead body at the library? Yeah, he’ll send Abby.

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Thanks for voting guys, I do appreciate it! (Although be forewarned, if I am hit by a different truck of inspiration I may not select any of these projects as my  next book!)

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